Here’s One for Halloween: Poison Sawada vs The Mummy (POISONOUS SNAKE DEATH MATCH!!!!)

Here’s One for Halloween: Poison Sawada vs The Mummy (POISONOUS SNAKE DEATH MATCH!!!!)

Here’s One for Halloween: Poison Sawada vs The Mummy (POISONOUS SNAKE DEATH MATCH!!!!)

📅28 October 2015, 02:58

Yes, you read that right. A feud once happened in Japanese wrestling that was soo heated that the two men (or one man and one mummy) decided to settle it not only in a Death Match, which the Japanese are famous for, but a POISONOUS SNAKE DEATH MATCH!!!


I use all caps because as far as I know they were legit poisonous. Usually these things are gimmicked, like the time Jake The Snake Roberts let a cobra bit “Macho Man” Randy Savage or when Jake The Snake Roberts had a snake bit himself, but in Japan you never really know.


I’m not too “in the know” with most Japanese wrestling. Heck, I never had even heard of Poison Julie Sawada until I got Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for my PS2 back in the day. I took notice of him because he would have a snake gimmick in the game, meaning he’d taunt with snakes sounds. I knew he was from the wacky DDT promotion in Japan, but tonight I decided I wanted to see the man in action (all these years after having the game) and boy did I find something weird. It’s a match between him and someone called “The Mummy” in a Death Match with snakes.

I know very little of the Japanese IWU promotion to which this takes place. I know even less of the feud between Poison Sawada and The Mummy and just what would lead to a snake Death Match. But I do know that apparently this odd match took place in December of 1994 on Christmas day of all days.. Now I won’t spoil the match if you haven’t seen it, but go ahead and watch the odd spectacle now and then scroll on down for my thoughts on it after…






So what in the blue hell was THAT? Sawada┬ábasically gets his ass handed to him for most the match while the Mummy no-sold barbed wire bat shots. I’d buy into it more if the darn Mummy didn’t look soo silly in the wig..I mean really.


Did he need the wig?

So apparently at one point in the match Sawada is shoved into the container with the snakes where he is bitten.


What’s he do then? Well, the only logical thing a man can do! He proceeds to rake his own arm with the bat and “suck” the poison out. (Don’t worry, if the snake doesn’t kill him the staph infection from the dirty ring mat probably will)

But not before tossing one of the snakes loose inside the ring.


But fear not, Sawada may very well be dying from a poisonous snake bite, but he’ll still take time to win by DDT’ing the Mummy on top of the second container of snakes…The Mummy is never bitten, but what would it have done anyway, he’s a damn Mummy after all?

After the match Sawada is helped to the back as he gags and acts..well..acts like a man who has just been bitten by a snake that may or may not have been poisonous.


He collapses on the floor in the back as everyone backs away for a good camera shot, because “man about to die” be damned, we still gotta get the shot!


Then his buddy starts crying, because it is clear that the great Poison Sawada is going to die for sure of course. Believe me, if anyone has ever told you there is no crying in Professional Wrestling, they’ve never seen a Japanese wrestling show from the 90’s with Death Matches (FMW I’m looking at you).


Finally Sawada is carried away by stretcher were he dies later…

Just kidding!


Poison Sawada would live to see many more Death Matches (without snakes I hope) and even become the DDT Champion before retiring in 2012.


I don’t know what the hell happened to The Mummy. Maybe he went back to his tomb?

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