You're All Safe For A Weekend!

You're All Safe For A Weekend!

📅12 February 2010, 19:03

Well lucky for us all it turns out I’m getting a weekend away from the house and away from the world of the internet! Now this isn’t a big deal in the way of “OMG!! Chuck’s not posting!!” I just wanted to tell everyone so that nobody thinks I’m dead, since I tend to post daily and at times two or three times a day.

While I’m gone be sure to check out the three movie reviews I did this morning..

The Caretaker
My Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine 3D

Unless I’m snowed in I shall return Sunday/Monday to pick up where I have left off and to bring you a few things I’ve been meaning to finally get to for some time. So fear not because after all…

All blogging and no play makes Chuck a dull boy.

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