You Know What Almost Makes Me Puke Every Time I See It?

You Know What Almost Makes Me Puke Every Time I See It?

📅15 September 2010, 23:20

I pride myself on having sit through some of the most outrageous and gory films that have ever been made. I’ve felt the dirty feeling you get from watching Cannibal Holocaust, I’ve felt the “that’s wrong” feeling you get when watching I Spit On Your Grave, and I’ve survived such films as Maskhead without even a gag! But do you know what get’s me every single time? The dinner scene in Peter Jackson’s Dead-Alive

One of the bloodies and goriest films you’ll ever see, I recall the first time I tried to watch Dead-Alive. It was a weekend night, I was home alone. The girlfriend at the time was out probably cheating on me, and there was Dead-Alive on a channel, not sure which one, but I want to say IFC for some reason. I recall being hooked from the very moment someone on screen yelled, “You’ve got… *the bite*!”. I really really enjoyed the movie, but then it happened.

I’m of course talking about the “Dinner scene”. I’m not British, so I’m unsure what “custard” is. I assume it’s pudding, and regardless this movie made it hard for me to eat it after. It also made it hard for me to watch, as I was driven from the couch and forced to look away gagging! I didn’t puke, but I came close! I don’t know why, I’ve probably seen worse, but this almost made me throw-up in my own living room.

Fast forward now a few years, and I buy Dead-Alive on DVD! I’ve seen it now right? I know what’s coming, so no problem right? I get it home, I pop the DVD in, it gets to the dinner scene and ONCE AGAIN, I’m gagging! I just can not get use to it no matter how hard I try. And to this day, it still causes me to react the same. I’ve never actually puked, but I have came very close.

So does anyone else have this same reaction to this scene?? As a matter of face, here the scene is!! WARNING: Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach…

Well?? Did you make it without losing your lunch?? If so, then has any scene in any movie almost made you puke? I’d like to hear about it.

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