Where Evil Lives (1991) (DVD Review)

Where Evil Lives (1991) (DVD Review)

📅24 September 2012, 17:59

Where Evil Lives (1991)
Director: Richard L. Fox, Stephen A. Maier, Kevin G. Nunan
Where to get it: CAV

A gripping tale of horror, murder, and revenge unfolds as Jack Devlin (Claude Akins in his final screen appearance), caretaker of the Spencer House State, reveals an unforgettable history of zombies, vampires, and witches to a prospective buyer. The chilling stories grow more horrifying and even Jack’s visitor is stunned by the final fate at this house where evil lives. And here it is for the very first time on DVD from Troma!

Where Evil Lives isn’t the only anthology put out on DVD by Troma this month, but may just be the one you need to pay attention to. This is its first time on DVD and it does look its age, but it is still a lot of harmless fun that is comes with a lot of blood and a nice body count. From stories of madmen to stories of vampires and so on and so forth this film just becomes a blast with just a few lower points in the middle matches up with the usual complaints you’d have about an older movie under the Troma banner.

The first and last segment in this one was ones I think really made this one what it was. The others did drag a bit, especially the vampire story that never did really connect with me that well. Outside of that it was all average or above average slightly. Still we end up with a lot of fun moments and some nice gore. If you are torn between Chillers and this as far as your monthly Troma fix goes, then I’d say you need to really go with this. And being its first time on DVD means it a bit more of important regardless.



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