When Night Falls (2007)

When Night Falls (2007)

📅21 July 2010, 21:54

Well…flush the toilet on this one!

When Night Falls (2007)
Directed By: Alex Galvin

The Prologue
When I was told that When Night Falls was about some maniac killing nurses I had hopes we’d see some blood flying and bare breast a-muck on my screen!..Sadly that isn’t what we get with this British film at all.

What we do get is a sure cure for insomnia.

The Movie
The movie takes place in 1932 with two nurses trapped in a country mansion with their invalid patient whilst a killer is on the loose who has a bad habit of killing..well..nurses.

I want to just upfront kill any idea that anyone might have given any of you that this movie is anything that resembles a good movie because it sure isn’t in my book, it’s boring. A movie with a short running time like this one shouldn’t feel like your watching something as long as The Titanic but it does and it’s hard to sit through because of it.

You know, the acting isn’t at all bad here. I can get over the low budget look of the film because I’m a horror blogger I’m use to it. But this thing has no sizzle or steak when it comes to holding your attention. The two nurses talk, talk, and talk, we see one check the windows and the doors, and we talk some more about the “horrible” events that have been going on yet we see none of it, or at least none with any real detail.

And just so you know we never see anything horrible or scary for that matter. When you are well over an hour into a horror film that only runs like an hour and ten minutes not counting the opening or closing credits and all that is dead is a cat (who dies the most horrible death on the screen) something has gone terribly wrong! And someone who forked out money for this should have saved themselves the time and just tossed their money out the window because it would have produced just as much in doing so.

Now I’m not one of “those” types of movie reviewers. I don’t like just tearing a movie apart but there’s nothing in this thing worth watching but perhaps the final five minutes and even it’s not very good. If I watch a horror movie I want to be excited not put to sleep.

The Conclusion
There is no reason what so ever for any of you fine folks to waste your time on this one, put the DVD down and run away as fast as you can.

The Rating (2/10)

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