What went wrong with Grindhouse?

What went wrong with Grindhouse?

📅22 October 2009, 21:35

As we are going on over two years now since the release of a movie that bombed but yet I still loved, and seeing as to how I live in the U.S.A. and we have yet to get one word on a total DVD package putting both movies together as they were meant to be I figure today we’ll take a little look at just what went wrong with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse.

Now Grindhouse was released in 2007 and as many people who love classic horror know it was a modern day version of the old school double features of violent movies (and sometimes porn but that’s another story) that you could see in old run down theaters. Where more times than not the crowd looked a little on the rough side and the floors were always sticky. However now days due to the cult following of many movies you can catch double features on special occasions of classic films in better environments..but still with the questionable looking folks 😉

Tarintino and Rodriguez loving that type stuff got the idea to bring it to the main stream with Grindhouse, and sadly the results wasn’t very good to spite a pretty damn good product. The results were soo bad that the rumor is it almost sunk the ship of The Weinstein company. So with that in mind, I jotted down here just a few reasons things seemed to go so bad.

The Movie was just too damn long!
I’ve set through the whole movie as it was in theaters and I loved it but for the average movie goer things just went on for too long. Sure a movie like Titanic sent the world in a tailspin back in the day and it was a long movie, yet even at it’s running time of 186 minutes Grindhouse topped that at 191 minutes in it’s full on theatrical cut glory. And unlike Titanic (which chills me to the bone even typing it’s name in this blog) Grindhouse wasn’t a chickflick and didn’t get to cash in much on the dating movie money. So one has to ask if the movie had been cut down just a little bit more if maybe some people could have had more leverage with a smaller running time when it came to getting their other half’s to go see the movie.

Too much talking Mr.Tarintino
Now let me start off by saying that I am a BIG Quentin Tarantino fan. I love his movies and Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all-time yet with Death Proof I really think he went over board with the girly girl ridden dialogue. Just look at it like this, perhaps even switching it’s order with Planet Terror could have helped a lot. You go to this movie and right off the bat we dive right into the blood and Zombie rampage that you get with Planet Terror which starts off running and never really slows down, then get some very cool fake movie trailers only to come to a rather big stop with talk talk talk before things get good in Death Proof. Perhaps if they started slower with Death Proof then worked up to Planet Terror things would have been more well received?

They are called cult movies for a reason ya know?
Most cult movies, the movies Grindhouse was based on, all bombed when they came out then gained a CULT following years after. This is oddly enough what I feel will be the fate of Grindhouse. Cult movies are movies that just don’t work with the mainstream and these guys get an A for trying but honestly this type of stuff just falls flat or goes over the head of your average mainstream loving movie goers. Some people complained to the theater that the movie they watched was damaged showing that they just didn’t “get” what they were seeing. They didn’t even realize that the scratched film was all part of the over-all effect.

But as I said these were all just ideas and what is done is done. And what is one group of people’s loss is another group of people’s gain and we got a very entertaining throwback of a film with Grindhouse. I just hope one day soon we get to enjoy in a total DVD set that puts the whole movie back together.

Oh and if anyone sees Eli Roth can you ask him to hurry up and make Thanksgiving..please!

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