Those Who Don't Learn From History…

Those Who Don't Learn From History…

📅13 November 2009, 02:30

Yesterday on the Popwrap blog over at the NYpost, it was revealed that writer of “Scream 4” Kevin Williamson said “I can’t promise anything.” when asked if he would make good on his promise that he’d “never play Sid out that way” when it comes to the subject killing off the character of  Sidney Prescott in the upcoming movie. Now for one, this could be just a way to set a trap of uncertainty to the public who now have the idea in their head that Sidney (who we seen survive three of these movies already) might not make it out of the 4th. Or, this could mean that they will kill off the established character (possibly really early in the film) just so they have a “Oh crap!” moment..If it’s the later..bad…BAD idea folks.

Sidney is to “Scream” what Laurie Strode was to “Halloween”. The audience becomes just as attached to these characters as they do the iconic slashers such as Jason, Michael, or whoever is under the Ghostface costume.  Sure there are times when a character doesn’t really stick and thus we don’t feel much of an emotion when they bite the dust, see Rachel from Halloween 4 and 5 as a prime example. Jamie was another Halloween character people didn’t want to see die, and when she did later in the series the blow was far far less due to the fact it was a recast and not Danielle Harris playing the part. But the big BIG mistake the Halloween series made came in “Halloween Resurrection” when they made the mistake of killing off Laurie in the first part of the film. It knocked the wind out of the viewer in a bad way and nobody really recovered for the remainder of the film. Plus it didn’t help that the movie sucked but that’s a rant for another day.

Even the man behind “Scream”, Wes Craven should know better. He knew it was a mistake killing off Nancy in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” and he corrected this by bringing the actress back (playing herself this time) in his “New Nightmare”. So with him knowing how bad this will go over, why would he even think of killing off Sidney?? Now if Sidney was a recasts it might somewhat go over better, but (after a hold out) Neve Campbell WILL be back..surely they wouldn’t bring her back just to kill her off…would they? If it’s a must that someone dies at the start off the film just for the sake of giving us a big “shock”, then how about we keep Sidney and just kill off Gale Weathers??…Just saying.

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