The Last Circus (2010)

The Last Circus (2010)

📅23 December 2011, 16:00

Let it be know, this was all a woman’s fault.

The Last Circus (2010)
Directed By: Álex de la Iglesia
Where to get it: Magnet

The Prologue
Do you like clowns? Or better yet, do you like the circus? How about two clowns fighting over a very hot woman? If that sounds good to you, then you would love, The Last Circus! What you get in this Spanish film is a film that is a little all over the place, but fun none the less. It never draws a dull moment in it’s many twists and turns along the way, and that’s very hard to come by these days with films. So, not only is it different than what we usually see, but it’s never boring. That makes for a very good combination and that makes for a very good film.

The Movie
1937, Spain is in the midst of the brutal Spanish Civil War. A “Happy” circus clown is interrupted mid-performance and forcibly recruited by a militia. Still in his costume, he is handed a machete and led into battle against National soldiers, where he single handedly massacres an entire platoon. Fast forward to 1973, the tail end of the Franco regime. Javier, the son of the clown, dreams of following in his father’s career footsteps, but has seen too much tragedy in his life-he’s simply not funny and is only equipped to play the role of the Sad Clown. He finds work in a circus where he befriends an outlandish cast of characters, but as the Sad Clown he must take the abuse of the brutish Happy Clown Sergio, who humiliates Javier daily in the name of entertainment. It is here that he meets Natalia, a gorgeous acrobat, and abused wife of Sergio. Javier falls deeply in love with Natalia and tries to rescue her from her cruel and violent husband…

There’s nothing as sad as a sad clown and in The Last Circus, we follow a very sad clown. The movie kicks off with Javier’s father (who was also a clown) getting pulled into a war that I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to be in. This all leads to him being taken prisoner, having to witness Javier growing up while being a prisoner of war, and this ultimately leads us to Javier’s scheme to free his father, which ultimately goes bad and results in Javier becoming the sad clown that we see him as for the remainder of the film. And in an odd twist, as serious as this might sound, all of it is comical.

Of course when our story moves on into the next portion of our film, Javier is the sad clown at the circus. He’s working with the groups most famous and loved clown, who just so happens to be a drunk and a woman beater. As luck would have it, the woman he beats, Natalia, is the object of the Sad Clowns affection. This leads to trouble when she pushes a relationship with him but still insist she’s in love with her man, the woman beating clown. And thus is the base for the story from here on out, but take my word on it, it’s entertaining but a bit all over the place at times. One thing after another happens, most of it horrific but still kinda funny, and we all end up with a very epic and symbolic wrap-up of the film. And as cool as it all is, I’m sure a number of the average movie watchers simply won’t get the humor or get any of the symbolism.

Not as much of a horror as it’s just an oddly funny thriller or crime film. We cheer for our sad clown of a lead, even as he continues his path of doom for a woman who simply isn’t worth it. I mean, YES, this woman is smoking, but why would anyone keep on going through all this trouble for her after one terrible thing after another happens? Most of which she is at blame for. But thus is the odd nature of the film. It doesn’t all make sense and it’s not supposed to. Yet it remains very entertaining from it’s start to finish. Or at least it does for those who love odd cinema, which is me in a nutshell. So, if you want an odd, funny, and action packed battle between a happy clown who is crazy and a sad clown with daddy issues, this is a film you must check out.

The Conclusion

Good stuff here! It may be a little odd for some, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s one of the more entertaining films of the year. You can check this one out on Netflix or you can get the DVD/Blu-ray from Magnet, who have been pumping out very awesome films this year from Trollhunter to Hobot with a Shotgun to this. This is another very good one.

The Rating (7.5/10)                    

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