The Hunger (1983)

The Hunger (1983)

📅04 August 2010, 02:00

Well at least it has David Bowie!

The Hunger (1983)
Directed By: Tony Scott (True Romance)

The Prologue

So today we have the vampire flick The Hunger that has two things going for it. One thing is David Bowie and two is it’s from the same year I was born, 1983. I wasn’t sure what to really look for with this one, all I knew was Tony Scott as directed a few movies I really like and this one just so happens to be based off a book. From what I gather, people like the book better…Go figure!

The Movie
Old ass vampire lady Miriam has had a history of lovers. She finds one, turns them, and them she keeps them til age catches up with them. And trust me folks, when it catches up with them it waste no time. Her current lover is John (David f’n Bowie) but when the age things comes his way she in need of a new lover, this time she wants Sarah (Susan Sarandon). Tell me, can you not feel the lesbian vibes in the air??

So it’s like this all plane and simply home boys and home girls, this movie just wasn’t my thing. Not that I “hated” it because I didn’t. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I think the story was at it’s best when it started off with the classic song “Boris Karloff Is Dead” and then goes into a Gothic type tale of age and getting old. But when it comes around to just being about a lady vampire looking for ass it kinda slides down south.

I don’t think it has bad acting, I don’t think it’s got anything really horrible, it’s just it kinda bored me a bit and that’s not good. Things had a lot of promise but the promise quickly goes away and then just draaaags on from there on out. I mean I even tried to look past the fact our vampires weren’t typical vampires. Which is a bit of a let down in it’s self as they don’t follow much of the vampire “code”. They also seem to like to kill with little daggers the size of a small lighter that really doesn’t work.

Then once you drag on past the age thing, then it’s the lesbian thing, then it’s the old lover back for revenge thing, you end up with a film that doesn’t really seem to know what it wants to be besides a lower level vampire flick. A vampire flick mind you that breaks a lot more of the vampire rules than Twilight, and that’s a lot. Sure, rules are made to be broke but some I say, SOME should be left alone.

So when all is said and done we got a movie I didn’t like but you may like..maybe. Some of my fellow bloggers like it and some don’t. But if you think you share any of my opinions on stuff like this you may want to follow me on this one. Also lastly I just want to point out that this movie needed much much more David Bowie..that is all.

The Conclusion

Well it’s sloooow but looks the part alright. It does have David Bowie for a time but he is sadly under used in this film and that is a damn shame! Also I didn’t like the ending either but maybe I’m being a hater, I dunno.

The Rating (5.5/10)

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