The Horror of Comic Books (It's a good thing!)

The Horror of Comic Books (It's a good thing!)

📅16 November 2009, 09:58

As I’m sure you have learned by now we all love our horror movies, however for those of you into reading comic books (Big time Punisher fan right here!) you’ll find a wide range of horror based comics out there that are well worth a read. Name a popular horror franchise you love and odds are you’ll be able to find a comic based on that movie, and sometimes it even has cool crossovers we might not ever see on film. Just think, Alien vs. Predator was done in the comics YEARS before the movie ever saw the light of day, and those who read the comic even tend to pick them over the movies (not that there was much from the movies to like). Today I’ve picked out just a few horror based comics I really loved and I will give you a little insight on each one.

Topps, (you know the company behind sports cards) thought outside the box back in the day taking our pal Jason out from the lake and inserted him deep in Texas for a three issue story called “Jason vs. Leatherface”. In the story Jason meets Leatherface and sees how he’s treated by his family leading Jason to actually show emotion and bond with Leatherface, seeing a lot of himself inside the skin wearing madman. But as luck would have it Jason meets the family and it all goes to hell. Well worth a read if you can find them, which I wouldn’t think they’d go for much on ebay. And as always..if you have the net, you have ways of getting pretty much anything you want for free as well.

Next for all you “Night of the Living Dead” fans out there you can get several stories both one offs (just one issue) or full on stories broken down in different issues all based on the Romero classic. One of my personal favorites is “Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning”, where we see early events that took place when the dead started to rise. Here we are catching up with Ben well before he was introduced to us in the movie’s time line. Also just to see a bit more of a detailed account of what happened the night of the movie there’s a pretty cool issue called “Night of the Living Dead: Just a Girl” where we actually get things from the point of view of Karen Cooper, the little girl in the film. There are also many many more zombie related comics out there based off this classic and others, some even telling the story from the zombie’s point of view.

And of course we can’t talk of horror based comics without bringing up the “Evil Dead/Army of Darkness” ones you can find out there. One of the best being “Ashes 2 Ashes”, that takes place right after the events of “Army of Darkness”. I find these comics to be great because they keep to the comical style of the movies (or last two anyway) while also keeping in character with Ash. Pretty much anything he says or does in the comics you can very well picture him doing just the same thing if there was a movie based on it. Also for those who love comics in general, there is a cool set of issues called “The Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies” where Ash ends up in a world where Marvel’s most popular heroes (Spider-Man, Captain American, ect.) are all turned to Zombies and Ash with help of those who haven’t turned and even some help from the dreaded Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) must try to stop them!..Good stuff folks, Good stuff!

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