The Exorcist Scares The Hell Out Of Me!

The Exorcist Scares The Hell Out Of Me!

📅08 November 2009, 07:26

Now before I get into this post today let me point out a few things. I’m not one of those religious nuts you hear about or see on TV, sure I have my own personal beliefs but I don’t force them off on anyone else or condemn anyone else who doesn’t share the same way of thinking I do. I also want to point out before I get into the beef of things here that to spite my religious beliefs I don’t believe in Ghost or Aliens and to spite a small stint of believing in Santa Clause while I kid I think I’m rather “normal”..That being said, I was always pretty cautious about watching The Exorcist.

Oh! And just to let you know, while I may be a lot of things, one of those things isn’t a liar. See to spite my love for horror movies I never even got around to watching The Exorcist until around late 2002 when I was fresh out of high school and a friend of mine decided one day “why not” when it came to the question of, do we watch this movie or not? We ended up watching the movie on his PC one afternoon and the movie it’s self was a good horror flick. But the real terror (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it was pretty freaky) came right after the movie’s credits started to roll..See (and I SWEAR this to you) the computer we watched the movie on SHUT OFF right when the credits started to roll..That’s just a coincidence right? That’s what I told myself to until the VCR then cut it’s self off and on BY IT’S FREAKIN’ SELF!!!

See if you have any sorta spiritual beliefs at all then your probably a little uneasy when it comes to movies about possession anyway, but no matter what kind of a psych job you do on yourself you can’t cause things to shut off and shut on by themselves. The electric wasn’t acting funny, it wasn’t a power surge, these things just cut off (and the VCR then back on) all on their own after watching The Exorcist, not at the same time but one after the other…Needless to say, we got the heck out of there for awhile.

But I’ve always kept that day and the watching of that film in mind, as does my friend. In another note that might make me sound crazy I’ll admit I haven’t watched the movie again since. I own it, I got it way back in November of 2006 but I haven’t even popped it open yet..That’s just over three years of owning a movie and setting it on a shelf and leaving it there..never even touching it.

I’m writing this because I think that maybe it’s time I watch it again..get myself over the “phobia” I have when it comes to it. Not saying I’ll watch it tonight..or even this week, but soon my friends..soon.

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