The Dead (2010)

The Dead (2010)

📅20 January 2012, 16:00

We do need more zombie movies like this..

The Dead (2010)
Directed By: The Ford Brothers
Where to get it: Anchor Bay

The Prologue

The Dead, is a new zombie flick that it soon to be unleashed upon the world. And unlike most of what you see these days with zombie movies, you get a more old school theme with this one. But, it comes with a new twist on it as well. This movie here is the type of movie that George Romero should have been making as of late. I won’t say that The Dead is the greatest zombie movie I have ever seen, but I will admit that it’s perhaps the best one we’ve seen in a number years. It’s a little slow moving, like the zombies in it, but I think if you get the chance to check this one out you won’t be disappointed.  

The Movie
When the last evacuation flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (ROB FREEMAN) emerges as the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living. On the run in a hostile and inhospitable parched landscape, where sudden death lurks around every sun-burnished corner, Murphy has to use his wits and ingenuity if he is to get home alive to his family. When Murphys path clashes with that of Sergeant Daniel Dembele (PRINCE DAVID OSEI), whose village has been torn apart by the reanimated dead, they join forces. The two desperate men from two very different cultures fight side by side to survive across the incredible vistas of Africa as the world succumbs to the deadliest of viruses.

In a nice nod to the way classic zombie movies were, the zombies in this film do not run. Actually, I’m not so sure they even shamble. To be honest with you, some actually walk. Regardless of the slow moving nature of these zombies, it’s the type of stuff that works really well in a horror film, building tension and making the dread feeling you get of seeing a group of zombies head towards someone who is seemingly helpless all the more intense. Taking place in predominantly African part of the world, the fact that 95% of the zombies we see are black, is a bit of an odd but undeniable intriguing aspect to the film’s presentation. Adding in that different factor and the strong acting, you have a film that could crack anyone’s year end Top 10, if they saw it this year. When it comes out on an official release next year, you could see it again on more year ending Top 10s.

This film also benefits from the way it starts. The action and zombie fighting is in high gear at the beginning of the movie. And that does last for a very respectable amount of time. Then the story of the film settles in and things do start to slow down a bit. While from that point, it never does seem to ever reach the same level of excitement it started with, it DOES have a very strong ending. An ending that is a bit of a throwback in it’s own right to the classics of the past. If I really wanted to nitpick, I COULD bring up the fact that the worst part of the film is the CGI gunshots we have to watch from time to time, but that would just be nitpicking and we shouldn’t dwell THAT much on it. It’s annoying, but doesn’t overshadow the film as a whole.

Breaking this thing down, you have a well acted and very bleak story. And old school zombie flick that tops every Romero zombie movie he has made since he kicked his back off with Land of the Dead in 2005. We have gore, drama, and suspense. And most importantly, it’s not a comedy so we don’t have zombies running around breaking any field and track records. So if you miss seeing zombie movies made the way they use to be and in my humble opinion, the way they SHOULD be, then The Dead is the zombie movie for you. I think anyone who loves the classics will also love this.

The Conclusion
Anchor Bay picked this one up and they have picked up a very good one! If you haven’t been ever so lucky to have seen this in advance or seen a screener, you’ll want to rush out and get this one when it comes out in February 2012. So take my word on it, it’s very much worth taking a chance on and buying it when you get the chance.

The Rating (7.5/10)       

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