Solving "The Puzzle" (Short Film)

Solving "The Puzzle" (Short Film)

📅07 December 2009, 23:32

The Puzzle
Directed By: Davide Melini

You know puzzles are just something I never had the patience for. I’d try and try to put one together but the end results was just frustration. That being I said I do have the patience when it comes to watching movies and then trying to figure out just what I saw. When it comes to The Puzzle, a short film by director Davide Melini I keep racking my brain to put together what it all means and what I just seen and I’m a little troubled by it’s over all meaning BUT in a very GOOD way.

I like to think with The Puzzle there is more than meets the eye in the little over 4 minutes that the movie runs. We follow the plot of a Mother who is upset with her son asking for money, and we get the idea he does this all the time. She then decides to tell him no this time around and go to work on a puzzle. What happens next, well that’s a little complicated. I won’t spoil it but let me just say I do have my ideas. And while I’m sure you will enjoy The Puzzle, I’m even more sure you’ll have some ideas of your own once the credits roll.

Director Davide Melini packs more suspense in just minutes in this short film than many directors do in over an hour and a half of screen time. I’m sure this short film will be only the start of what we see from him, and I’m very interested in seeing more. 

If you have yet to see The Puzzle, then by all means watch it here below..

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