So, About This Years After Dark Horrorfest

So, About This Years After Dark Horrorfest

📅28 May 2010, 00:24

With the last two film reviews going up today that covers all 8 of this years After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films To Die For! And needless to say things were a bit hit and miss with the films. I’ve never watched the whole 8 films from the past 8 Films To Die For but I’ve been told this years was way better than the last…Not too sure what that says but anyway.

So here’s the quick results on the ratings for this years films and how they stack up with one another. Click the name of the film for the full review.

Hidden 6.5/10
The Graves 5/10
The Reeds 5.5/10
Dread 6.5/10
Kill Theory 7/10
Zombies of Mass Destruction 5/10
Lake Mungo 6.5/10
The Final 7.5/10

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