Shock 'Em Dead (1991)

Shock 'Em Dead (1991)

📅04 November 2011, 17:30

Another so bad it’s kinda funny movie.

Shock ‘Em Dead (1991)
Directed By: Mark Freed

The Prologue
Oh boy! We have some early 90’s horror going on here. And you may recall how some early 90’s horror films were, right? This one, Shock ‘Em Dead, dips into that badness but also dips into some comedy and cheesy effects that once again make for a bad, but watchable film. This is a perfect example of what you’d probably end up back in the day with when you walked into your local video store, had seen everything else, and just wanted to pick something random to watch. So in a way, watching it made me feel a little nostalgic. But still, it doesn’t make the quality of the film any better if I am to be 100% honest with you.

The Movie
Martin is a total loser, who nobody cares for. When he fails to get a position as guitar player in Lindsay’s band and loses his job on the way, he makes a deal with a Voodoo priestess. She promises him the fulfillment of all his dreams if he swears obedience to her. He becomes a rock star and has many women – but to stay alive, he has to kill other people. see there, guys? When hot women want you and there is ALWAYS a catch. This time that catch just so happens to be a bit more sinister than you might expect.

You know, this movie reminded me a lot of a Troma movie. It’s bad, I won’t lie, it at times can even be terrible. But, with that being said, it does have it’s moments here and there. We follow Martin here as he goes from a pizza man that get’s picked on and made fun of, up until he makes a deal he will soon regret. A deal that does make him a master at guitar, which he uses to take over a band. It also makes him a hit with ladies, if only he wouldn’t puke when he’s around them all the time..Which happens a lot in the movie, but it doesn’t seen to get noticed that much for some odd reason. See? It’s bad, but amusing all at the same time.

The movie’s promoting seems to circle around cast member, Traci Lords. Who I think has some weird porn history, I’m not sure. She’s the object of Martin’s affection, but for my personal taste, there is another girl that wants Martin that I think looks better than this Traci Lords, but different strokes for different folks I assume. None the less, Traci’s character already has a man in the band, so Martin turns his attentions to trying to steal her and kill him before the film ends. So, it’s more or less about the battle over Traci Lords than it is about rock-n-roll! But it’s funny none the less, even with the bad horror effects.

Now of course Martin has a chink in his new armor and it does come into play, and it’s odd, weird, and still very funny. And how this thing wraps it all up is bad but hilarious none the less. Like I said, it reminds me of a Troma film, and I was shocked to find out that it wasn’t a Troma film. But if you like films of that nature, this one should be for you. It’s not that good per say, but it can at least be fun. And that’s a lot more than we can say for a lot of what comes out these days. So don’t look for a “good” film, but if you watch it, look for a film that is at least good ol’, pet-coon goofy, fun!

The Conclusion
It may be hard to find, and I won’t give it a high score, but it might be worth checking out if you just want to see something that’s bad but fun. Plus, you get Traci Lords! I guess that’s a big deal? Perhaps, I should turn my virus protection on and do a video or pic search on Google of her name and see just what all the fuss is about?…Then again, maybe not.

The Rating (5/10) 

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