Saint (2010)

Saint (2010)

📅24 December 2011, 06:00

Santa is one evil bastard!

Saint (2010)
Directed By: Dick Maas
Where to get it: IFC

The Prologue
Saint, originally titled Sint and being released by IFC on December 20th as “Saint Nick”, is a horror film from the Netherlands. While this time of year most the world watches, It’s a Wonderful Life and other Christmas films, horror fans look forward to the Silent Night, Deadly Nights of the world. And here we have a brand new film showing a dark and evil Santa. And it may just be the most evil Santa we have ever seen on film. Sure, he’s also a little humorous in ways, but he’s evil none the less.

The Movie
A horror film that depicts St. Nicholas as a murderous bishop who kidnaps and murders children when there is a full moon on December 5. But this time when he comes back he has a bit of a fight on his hands. A boy who had his whole family killed by Santa last time is now fully grown and ready to take the jolly ol’ elf down! He’s also joined by a young man who is seeing this all for the first time. And making matters worse, he’s being blamed by the cops for Santa’s wrong doings.

Well, I do like the look of the film. There are bright lights, CGI in spaces, and a very evil Santa who is leading his army into towns and killing everyone, even children. So, there’s a ton of amusing stuff in this film. I mean hell, what I just said there happens in the first few minutes of the film. So while you could find positives and negatives in this one, it at least looks really festive. Bright Christmas lights ect., so if you don’t like anything else you will at least like the way things bounce off the screen. I also think as the movie progresses we have some odd humor here and there as well. No hilarious stuff, but it’s worth a chuckle..intended or not.

When the film moves into more modern days, it’s an interesting change. Time isn’t really wasted, but I feel the film keeps it’s self from being truly great. You’ll have a kick ass action scene, then it’s followed up by some dragging. And I do think when the dragging starts it drags too much. We of course get another awesome scene after the dragging, but it shows us that only to then drag again. Had it been more “full on” I think we could be dealing with a modern day classic. But since that’s not the case, we only have a good movie, not a great one.

The movie wraps up in an interesting fashion, that if nothing else was not expected. I also think this one has sequel written all over it, when it may have been better off being a one and done. So overall, you get a film that has style and a good feel. It’s never at all boring, but it drags in moments when it should be running on full cylinders. So, it’s not bad but it just falls short of being great. Still, it’s an interesting look into then Netherlands and how they do things over there. Plus, we can always use new Christmas themed horror movies.

The Conclusion
Well, HO! HO! HO! Nothing like seeing one ugly and evil Santa doing evil and terrible things. I still prefer Silent Night, Deadly Night but this one isn’t bad. Got to hand it to IFC for getting these cool and strange movies. But as good as this one is, it could have been a lot better. So, if you want a new Christmas horror film, check it out. 

The Rating (7/10)       

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