Rubber (2010)

Rubber (2010)

📅07 May 2011, 23:27

A movie that does a lot of things for “No reason”.

Rubber (2010)
Directed By: Quentin Dupieux

The Prologue
So we have a tire with telepathic powers in the film known as, Rubber. The tire being a character I feel may be based off the girl with the same power from Friday the 13th part 7! *rim shot* Anyway, it’s safe to say this isn’t something you will see every day in the world of film, or horror to be more specific. I found Rubber to be a very very strange tale. A very strange tale about a tire. A tire that can make your head explode. The more I think about that soo odd, yet soo simple concept, the more I seem to like it. You know me, I like the weird stuff. And if you like the weird stuff as well, then Rubber is a movie that would be rolling right down your movie loving alley.

The Movie
There’s nothing fancy here in the film, Rubber. A tire pops up out of the dirt and starts rolling along it’s merry little way. Along the way it discovers it also has telepathic powers. So as a result, things can be blown up and moved by the power of this tire’s “mind”. Now adding to this whole thing, the tire spots a woman while it’s rolling along and becomes somewhat obsessed by her. Love sees not color, gender, or being apparently so we can safely say that’s not thinking too far out of the box. However there are other aspects to the story that may be a little too “out there” for some, but why bring that up now?

Let’s be 100% straight forward shall we? This is a very artsy film. Maybe more artsy than horror BUT that’s not to say we don’t get some good horror stuff as well. I mean heads do blow up, so it’s like an artistic scanners. Only there’s not scanners doing this little trick, it’s a tire. But besides the gore, shots linger for a lot longer than a shot normally would. Shots are also very artistic, so it’s somewhat like art house horror. I like this sorta stuff every now and again, but a lot of folks won’t. It’s one of those you kinda gotta think about at times, and Heaven forbid anyone have to think right? None the less, I dug it and I think more of you than someone might think will dig it as well.

Now admittedly with the style, the film doesn’t get into a hurry. But that’s not to say it’s boring. Also one would be best not to go into this one asking too many questions regarding why things happen like they happen or why things are the way they are. The story has a very strange complex to it and it’s a story that is a little too smart for most. The best way to go about viewing it is to pay close attention to the dialogue one characters has as the movie starts. He clearly states that many thing that have happened in many great films over the years had many part of them that wouldn’t have made sense if we thought about them. Things happen “just because”. Or better yet, things happen in movies all the time for simply “no reason”. There’s a lot in this movie that doesn’t make a lot of sense, so just go with the “no reason” for your reason in order to be able to just enjoy what you are seeing more.

With it being artsy and somewhat gory, it’s also not overly long. Which is a very good thing in a film like this. Usually directors want a film of this nature to run and run in order to fully make whatever point they are wanting to make. This time however that’s not the case.The film is however self aware and a lot of what is being said by people in the movie may just reflect what you are thinking during that very point. That’s clever my friends. But it’s a cleverness that is morphed into a dry and odd sense of humor that unfortunately a lot of people won’t be able to appreciate. I however do appreciate it. And as a result to that, Rubber, gets a thumbs up from me.

The Conclusion
One click on over to Amazon and you’ll see that you yourself can witness the very odd journey of, Rubber, when it comes out on DVD and video on demand on June 7th. I think it’s very strange and very odd, but at the same time it’s interesting and weird in a good way. So if you are more open minded to the films you watch, then by all mean give this one a try.

The Rating (7/10)

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