Remembering USA Up All Night

Remembering USA Up All Night

📅18 February 2010, 23:54

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that from time to time I like to just talk about certain programs that use to come on TV back in the day that would show the old school horror films that you and I have all grown to love..or hate while loving them at the same time which is a whole other thing all together. Today however I want to look back on a program that I held in very high regard as a child, USA Up All Night!

USA Up All Night ran from June 6, 1986 and ended on April 25, 1998. Originally the show was hosted by Actress Caroline Schlitt on Friday with the very well known Gilbert Gottfried taking over things on Saturday. Of course Rhonda Shear would take over the Friday spot in 1988 and as a result her and Gottfried are the only people I remember from my late nights of watching.

The shows usually consisted of a double shot of cult classics, B Movies, and oddly enough sexploitation films which naturally had all the sex cut out. Also before, after, and in between you’d get comedic skits from our host..some funny..some not so much.

But Up All Night was a great place to see films you normally wouldn’t catch on TV, much less basic cable TV. Basket Case, 976-Evil, April Fool’s Day, Motel Hell and My Bloody Valentine are just a few of the wide range of movies they’d show..Also toss in a few more well known movies like the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th films and you got yourself a very good program from back in the day.

Sadly when USA decided to change up things including a number of their long running programs Up All Night was one of it’s victims. Shear and Gottfried were let go and the network simply put the Up All Night logos and music in between the commercial breaks for movies. They also then switched over to more recent and less cult like films and just killed the whole vibe of the show. Naturally the new version of the show didn’t last long before USA pulled it all together but we still have our memories!

Up All Night Host Segments

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