PLEASE get this woman in a horror movie so I can talk about her!

PLEASE get this woman in a horror movie so I can talk about her!

📅07 November 2009, 01:00

Lets all be honest, everybody has a celebrity “crush” so with that being said pardon me while I come up with some excuse to write about my personal favorite celebrity out there, Katy Perry!

If you have a pulse, if you have a TV or a radio then you darn well know who this fine lady is! And after hearing the rumor that she might be playing a role in the 2011 movie “Timeless” I figured I’d take time today to think up how cool it would be if she actually did a porno horror movie just so I’d have a reason to type away about her, and it’s been a slow horror news day anyway so why not?

When you think about Katy Perry the first thing that comes to mind is there are a couple great things about her, and neither are necessarily her music..Not that her music is “awful” per-say, but this isn’t a music blog, it’s a horror blog damn it! And while some of you might toss your juice boxes at the monitor for me saying this, I think she’d be great in a horror film.

Now I’m not saying she has to be the “final girl”, but then again I’m not saying I want to see the lady get mauled on screen either. That being said I think if she was in a horror film she’d have enough clout about her to at least get her in a better part than Kelly Rowland had in “Freddy vs. Jason” or Fergie had in “Grindhouse” (Planet Terror).

And as for what roles would be good? Well let’s see..Katy is only 25 so if you want something with college kids she’d fit into that well..who knows, perhaps she’d be fit to hang around Camp Crystal Lake “kissing a girl and liking it” while Jason roams around making sloppy joe out of people? Or maybe on down the line she could play a girl from some chick band that has dreams of outlandish music videos that get’s interrupted by none other than Freddy? Hell, honestly I don’t care if you toss her in some God awful “Rest Stop” sequel I’d just like to see her in one..and I’d like to see her make it out alive but that’s just me being biased.

But you hafta think, if she’s going to start being in movies then sooner or later I think she’ll find her way into horror. And while we can only dream she ends up taking the role of someone like “Trash” in a remake of “The Return of the Living Dead” I think just about anything she ends up in could be worth the watch.

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