Open Graves (2009)

Open Graves (2009)

📅15 March 2010, 21:19

Clearly there’s only one good thing about this movie and that’s Eliza Dushku..

Open Graves (2009)
Directed By: Álvaro de Armiñán (This is pretty much all he has)

The Prologue

When I went into watching this movie my first reaction was “OOOh! Eliza Dushku!” then after reading a little about Open Graves I realized that it made it’s debut on the SyFy channel. And is there any movie fan out there at all that doesn’t agree that just about any movie that makes it’s start on that channel usually tends to suck so hard it could pull a golf ball up a garden hose??

Now sure SyFy has some good stuff program wise..I still get a kick out of Tales From The Darkside, Twilight Zone, and all that stuff that still comes on it (be it at 4 a.m. sometimes) I just never got why they didn’t have better taste in the movies they show. They know whats good yet they give us stuff like Anaconda vs. Python!??

So I went into this thinking maybe just maybe I could get something worth watching. But did I get just that??

The Movie
So a group of surfers and their lady friends play an old game someone gives them, if they win they get one wish..but if they lose they DIE!!!..Did I mention this was on the Syfy Chanel because that should tell you all you need to know right there.

Ok Ok so all SyFy jokes aside there’s nothing really wrong with Open Graves. I mean, sure it’s pretty paint by numbers but it can hold your attention. Or maybe that’s Eliza Dushku who holds your attention but either way once it’s over you’ll forget all about it. But it’s good to see none the less that we’ve graduated from killing teens in these movies to killing nearly 30 year old college kids!

One thing that you may notice while watching this movie is that it’s a lot like Final Destination, only instead of death following people around we get bad CGI animals and bugs. Now I’m not sure who had the idea that these things that look like they belong in a video game would look good doing these things in the movie but then again I guess I’m not the idiot who had millions to waste on it.

I love Eliza Dushku as much as the next man, and she is the best actor here but one would wonder if they had cast another lesser known person if they couldn’t have had more money to actually had better CGI..But then I must ask, without her and with this plot, would anyone have watched??

It has a pretty funny ending however, I’m sure as things fall into place you’ll see it coming a mile away. Let it be a lesson to anyone who might come across this situation some day..or heck just have your one wish for Eliza Dushku and call it a day!

The Conclusion
We’ll we are middle of the road here folks. It’s one of those rent if you are bored or “watch it if there’s noting else at all on” type things. As I said above it could hold your attention to the end but after that you’ll probably never want to watch it again.

Did I mention this thing was on the Syfy channel yet? Well it was and those movies tend to suck..This one however sucks a little bit less.

The Rating (5.5/10)

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