ONE Week Left To Vote 4 Mr. Horror Blogosphere

ONE Week Left To Vote 4 Mr. Horror Blogosphere

📅17 March 2010, 23:20

OK, lets have a show of hands on how many of you have heard of the movie Ichi The Killler?? OK!..Now, lets have a show of hands from those of you that know that movie has a sequel…See what I mean?

And thus was my one issue when I got to the ball rolling on Mr.Horror Blogosphere. Following the footsteps of Ms.Horror Blogosphere which was held at the mighty popular Vault of Horror I was worried (If I may use a metaphor) that Mr.Horror Blogosphere would come across as direct to video sequel when compared to the original but as I sit here a week away from the poll closing I can happily say that hasn’t been the case.

With over 500 hundred votes and the contestants in the lead only being about a dozen votes apart with a week left I think it’s been fun, exciting, and interesting. And rest a sure folks that’s what I wanted from it. Sure, you might catch me from time to time joking around with Andre from The Horror Digest that this was all a Horror Blips scheme but if you actually take that serious then you obviously don’t know me very well. All I wanted was for some guys to get noticed and have fun with it and if that is what has happened then I can rest easy because by those standards this has been a great success.

But there MUST be a winner!! And we only have a week before the Mr.Horror Blogosphere takes his crown and the bragging rights! Not to mention wins an illustrated drawing of himself and Ms.Horror Blogoshpere BJ-C. together in a Prom King/Queen fashion.

So one more time folks, here are the lists of guys involved. If you have yet to vote then please do so..

Patrick Campbell – Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing
Brian Collins – Horror Movie A Day
Jeff Atencio – The Jaded Viewer
Zombie Hayes – Hayes Hudson House of Horror
Joe O’Connor – Midnight Time Warp
The Mike – From Midnight, With Love
Bryan Schuessler – Shuizmz
James Sugrue – Fear Of The Dark Online
William Malmborg – William Malmborg
Carl Manes – I Like Horror Movies
Uranium Willie – Uranium Café
Marc Patterson – Brutal As Hell
Reverend Phantom – Midnight Confessions
Dod March – WGON Helicopter
Rick Romanowski – The Paradise of Horror
John Cozzoli – Zombos’ Closet of Horror
Mike Snoonian – All Things Horror
Matt Hersh – No Room In Hell
Steve – Horror Extreme
T.L. Bugg – The Lightningbugs Lair
Jayson Kennedy – Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

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