Odds and Ends (11/08/09)

Odds and Ends (11/08/09)

📅09 November 2009, 04:18

Welcome to the holiday season folks! This is the time of year where everyone pretty much skips Thanksgiving and jumps right into the hype of Christmas! (Those of you who call it Christmas). It’s also the shopping season so I guess I better get my list in order and soon..as soon as I do I’ll show you guys the movies on that list.

How about those Scream awards?? Yeah I thought they sucked..of course I thought they sucked last year. When I think “Scream Awards” I’m suppose to think of films like “SAW” and the remake of “Friday The 13th” and all those other horror films that came out in the time span from last years awards to this years, yet somehow I instead hear about awards being handed to “Transformers” and “Star Trek”..Can these movies get their own damn awards show and get them off the one that I thought was suppose to be a horror show please? It’s pretty clear Spike TV says “Horror AND Science fiction ” just so they have an open to toss in all the “cool” stuff of the year…I mean yeah I know “Twilight” isn’t much better than the movies mentioned here but at least that is about Vampires and Werewolves. Needless to say we’ll probably never get a full on horror awards show but one can hope right?

You’ll notice I now have my “vote it up” button at the bottom of each post..like always BUT this time it’s where it should be instead of me having to manually place the html code at the bottom of each post, sadly I haven’t updated every post just yet so please look over any older post you see with two buttons lol

Oh! And I also did away with the “click to read” options and just have things all laid out for you..saving you the hard task of clicking to read more. Again, the older posts have yet to be updated..but in due time! Silly me waiting 50 posts in before I decide to change things.

One of my favorite films of 2008 was without question “Cloverfield”. And while I’m a guy that doesn’t think every movie in the world needs a sequel I’ll admit the idea of a “Cloverfield 2” got my attention. However the news coming out about that is as follows “When asked by CraveOnline what the current status is on Cloverfield 2, Abrams stated that at this point, they are still discussing it; however, he still feels reluctant to work on a sequel. In the same interview, Abrams said that they were working on something that “could be kind of cool.” When asked if it would take place in a different location, Abrams replied by saying that “It would be a totally different kind of thing but it’s too early to talk about.” Well, I think that’s good news, might as well do it right if you are going to do it.

Real quick plug here before I wrap this up, the fine folks over at HorrorPhilia have up Epidose 18 of their Podcast where this time they cover all the old “Prom Nights” as well as other stuff, so check that out.

And finally I leave you with this, Vault of Horror has “Vault Dwellers”, Day of the Woman has “Womanizers”..What can Zombies DON’T Run have?? Hmmm…

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