Odds and Ends (10/08/09)

Odds and Ends (10/08/09)

📅08 October 2009, 20:40

Well it’s my favorite time of the year!..And I’m not just talking about it being Fall and close to Halloween, I mean the whole long (or it seems long) process of going from Halloween to Christmas, and it all rounds out for me in February when I have my b-day!..Needless to say, it’s a good time of the year for me to boost up the ol’ DVD collection….

Either way..I guess the BIG news (sorta big I guess) is the word that Halloween 3-D is on the way, it’s not being rushed thankfully but it is on the way with the same director as My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Also that obviously means Rob Zombie is out of the mix, and there are a lot of folks that seem very happy about that. Rob really got a bad break in the whole thing. Everyone knew the style Rob had so what did they all expect? I’m a fan of Zombie’s movies personally, and I thought it was kinda cool to pluck out the Character of Michel Myers and drop him in a new setting that we wasn’t use to seeing him in…But as Rob found out there’s a whole can of worms that gets cracked open when you take on the job of trying to remake the horror movie that many many folks consider to be THE slasher film..

Now I haven’t seen Zombie’s Halloween 2 (yet) but going from the first film he did I liked it cause it WAS different than what we had seen, and I assumed that’s what most people want with a remake/reboot of a franchise. I think the deal was people wanted a shot by shot remake of the first, and if so then I might ask why you wanted Rob to do the film to start with?..I suppose we’ll just hafta wait and see how “3-D” goes, as I assume it’ll be the second attempt at rebooting the franchise.

Speaking of reboots, turns out a second Friday the 13th is on it’s way and should arrive next year in August. The first one seemed to stick to the format of the previous installments in the Franchise and as a result I think it somewhat hurt the overall film. It wasn’t terrible, and there was more of a current vibe to it BUT it did just feel like I was watching more the same ol’ same ol’ I seen when the old ones. Perhaps we’ll get more style with the second one?

In some news I was really happy to hear Silent Night, Deadly Night parts 3 through 5 will be coming out this December in a nice box set!!

Well..I don’t know about you, but I’m sold!

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