Odds and Ends (03/16/10)

Odds and Ends (03/16/10)

📅16 March 2010, 20:48

Gather round the camp fire kids it’s time for your good friend Chuck to ramble a little!

* First off you may be asking yourself why the last few reviews I’ve posted has stated clearly that the review had already been posted over a Horrorphilia? Well the answer is very simple, I’ve been too busy playing MLB The Show ’10 I have been doing reviews for them for a while now and with more new ones going up from there (and some older ones from here) and with me gathering all my reviews in the same place on here I figured now would be a great time to post the older ones I did there on here. But fear not my friends, when I slack off talking to this girl I’ve been talking to I got new reviews coming very very soon on new movies and some old ones!

Also keep checking for even more reviews from me over at Horrorphilia! They got a podcast you know? One I’ll be on sometime in the near future.

* There seems to be a wave of anonymous comments on a whole host of blogs as of late with all of them being negative. I have no idea the joys anyone could get from stalking blogs and bitching about what they read but I have a pretty good idea all of the anonymous comments are probably from the same person. Now I don’t know if this is connected to the Takashi person that is talking BJ-C or not but at this point it wouldn’t shock me.

Now you have a right to read a blog and agree or disagree with what you read. You have a right to voice your own opinion in a comment if you see fit, but going out of your way to stalk and bitch at a blogger is a bit much. So please folks, if you don’t like a blogger don’t read their blog. Don’t just look for a reason to complain.

* Have you guys checked out The Spooky Brew as of late?? Maryanne is a good friend of and she helps around here as well. She was nice enough to actually post the entries to the Mr.Horror Blogosphere for a weekend while I was away. So check that blog out if you haven’t already.

* Looks like Christopher Nolan who is of course busy working a new Batman movie has stated that sadly there will be no connections between Batman and Superman who has a new movie coming sometime in the future as well. Everyone had hoped they’d take the Marvel route of having everyone be in the same world but sadly that isn’t the case as Nolan says it’s not going to happen.

Thus crushing the hope of a Batman and Superman movie anytime soon.

Well I feel Nolan has done a great job on both Batman movies (The Dark Knight being by far the best) but it bugs me to hear he doesn’t want two DC Comics Characters to cross over. But if I was a betting man I’d say if the public want it bad enough it’ll happen with or without Nolan.

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