My Top 10 Favorite Famous Ladies

My Top 10 Favorite Famous Ladies

My Top 10 Favorite Famous Ladies

📅20 February 2010, 00:55

I’ll admit before common sense kicked it and told me of the unwanted can of worms it would open I had planned of posting a list of my Top 10 Favorite Blogs written by women, but you know some things are better left unsaid. Also I really hate to pick between some of you guys as I don’t think I could have ever finished that list anyway..

So! What you get now is going to be my personal list of my Top 10 Favorite Famous Ladies! This may not be much fun to many of you but I figured since I’m bored, what the hell right?

*Editors Note: This list is based solely on looks*

10: Camilla Belle
I firmly believe this girl here was THE only good thing about When a Stranger Calls. While I really did not like the movie at all it was at least fun having her to look at! Now that might sound sexist, but this is a LOOKS based list!

09: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
From Final Destination 3, to Black Christmas, to the Death Proof part of Grindhouse, us horror fans are use to see Mary around the block in our horror viewing. We’ve seen her kinda survive only to possibly die at the end of one movie, we’ve seen her killed in one, and we’ve seen her possibly left to have God knows what done to her in Death Proof. Can we please take better care of this woman??

08: Lindy Booth
I’ve said it before, the ONLY thing I liked at all about Cry_Wolf! You can also find her dealing with the wrath of an inbreed in the movie Wrong Turn.. Good times!

07: Arielle Kebbel
I enjoyed her in the highly underrated The Uninvited! I also got a kick out of her in the horrible American Pie Band Camp but then again was she in that for any other reason other than to look at?

06: Emma Stone
From Super Bad to Zombieland (and a few films like The Rocker in between) I think most folks are a fan of this girl just for her work alone, but it helps that she is also easy to look at!

05: Jennifer Love Hewitt
I Spent my High School days with a post of this woman above my bed right next to a poster of Britney Spears folks! I Know What You Did Last Summer will be fond in my mind always just because of JLH! And maybe she isn’t in horror movies anymore but The Ghost Whisperer is sorta horror toned now isn’t it?

04: Lacey Chabert
Yes indeed I actually place Lacey over her fellow Party of Five alumni and I have no clue why she doesn’t get more and better roles in films. I think it’s a shame she hasn’t been THE girl in a lot of the stuff she’s been in, like Black Christmas.

03: Lizzy Caplan
You may remember this girl from her smart-ass ways she had being chased around New York and being an ass to HUD in the movie Cloverfield! Or you may remember her for being naked in True Blood..Good times none the less!

02: Martha MacIsaac
Does this girl not just look so sweet? Shame she seems to be playing the dumbass in such films as Super Bad and The Last House on the Left! I’d like to see her used better to test her range, but she’s hot regardless!..Really hot!

01: Katy Perry
Was there any question at all who #1 was going to be?? If so then you my friends have not been paying attention! She hasn’t been in any movies YET but one day she may be able to believably be tossed in with the other horror movie experienced women. Until then however, you got her CD!

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