Killing Zoe (1994)

Killing Zoe (1994)

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A fine example of the trouble a woman can get you into..

Killing Zoe (1994)
Directed By: Roger Avary (The Rules of Attraction)

The Prologue

As I have probably said once or twice before I’m a HUGE fan of “Pulp Fiction”. If I made a list of my top ten favorite movies of all time it would easily take the top spot. That movie made me into a big fan of Quinton Tarantino. I liked movies before but after seeing it I loved movies.

Now when one thinks of “Pulp Fiction” or even “Reservoir Dogs” for that matter, the first thing that will pop inside your head is Tarantino. Many seem to forget that good ol’ QT had some help writing both films. The man that helped him write both was Roger Avary.

Roger, who has been rumored to be the man that gave Tarantino many of his best ideas has since had a falling out with his buddy QT, but Roger himself is a pretty damn good film maker.

That brings us to today’s movie “Killing Zoe”. A movie that was made possibly a little before “Pulp Fiction” but got released after when Avary & QT were hot. Both names were promoted in the shilling of the film and as a result many at first mistaken this cool little movie for a Tarantino film. A rumor that Avary would actually poke fun at in his next movie “The Rules Of Attraction”.

But let it be known “Killing Zoe” is not a film to poke fun at. Actually it’s a movie I enjoyed a whole hell of a lot.

The Movie
“Killing Zoe” was given the title of “Generation X’s first bank caper movie” by Roger Ebert. And if you were alive then or at least old enough to remember 1994, then you would probably agree it does fit the time of it’s release rather nicely

The Movie follows a safe-cracker by the name of Zed (played by a great actor in Eric Stoltz) as he arrives in Paris to assist his child hood friend Eric in a bank robbery. Which sounds simple enough. But as you’d assume things tend to go wrong and things get terribly complicated when Zed meets with and sleeps with a girl on his first night in Paris named Zoe.

The movie will keep you hooked from start to finish. While the dialogue isn’t on the level of Tarantino’s work it’s not bad either. Also Avary’s mark on past QT films does shine through here as the movie offers more than a few “hip” moments. And moments that will make you laugh at what your witnessing from time to time. Which in this line of films can be a great thing.

Those of you looking for foul mouth quick witted remarks and a few bloody moments will not be disappointed here. Plus if you are looking for some rather unusual things to pop up now an again you can rest a sure you’ll get that fix here as well. One of these moments involves a scene when Eric seems to do something to trigger a spark coming out of his hand. A quick scene but a scene that gets a lot talk on message boards and actually is used for the cover of the DVD.

I don’t know how much of the rumors are true that Avary was the key to many of Tarantino’s best scenes in his movies, but I can tell you that Avary has a nice knack for film making himself. There is a million crime based movies out there, many of which that went out of their way to copy QT’s work. This one comes off strong and stands alone by it’s self just fine without looking cheap. And by the time you get to the bloody and bullet filled climax you yourself will feel the same way.

The Conclusion
Now I won’t lie to you. I don’t enjoy this film more than I do any QT directed movie aside from his half of “Grindhouse” but that is not saying this movie is bad. Because take my word on it, this movie is just fine.

I recommend this to anyone who likes films in the vein of “Snatch”, “Pulp Fiction”, ect. As stated above you’ll find a million imitators to the style but this one one is actually very good.

On a plus side it’s not very well known to the masses so if you can actually find this on DVD, don’t expect to pay much for it. But don’t let the price fool you, it’s worth looking for and getting.

The Rating (6.5/10)

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