Kill (2011)

Kill (2011)

📅21 February 2012, 19:35

Kill (2011)
Director: Chad Archibald & Gabriel Carrer
Where to get it: CAV

Six strangers wake up in a strange, empty house frilled with tropical decor. After realizing that they are locked inside, with cameras watching every step they make, they find out that each one of them is a winner of a contest involving a dream vacation on a mysterious tropical island. To their absolute horror, the strangers are told through a built-in P.A. system that the only way they will ever see their loved ones again is if they fight each other to the death. Last person standing, wins. After a brief period of shock and disbelief follows the slow but gradual breakdown of this mini-society as every character is reduced to using their animal instincts. And thus, the fun begins.

Kill, is the recent release under the Troma banner and I won’t lie, Troma has been doing pretty good for it’s self as of late. That’s both good and bad, with the bad thing about it being that this film has a very hard act or two to follow. I noticed early on that the movie seemed a lot like SAW. SAW 2 to be exact. These people are all waking up in an unknown place together and not everyone is being very honest with everyone else. But instead of Jigsaw, we have a more high strung evil-doer providing sinister voice overs for our group of folks here. But our film doesn’t entirely go the route of SAW 2, it does take time to mix in a whole lot of Battle Royale as well. Now, you might think that combo would be really awesome, but it’s not. At least not entirely. It has it’s moments, but we’ve been there and done that more than once in films before. And the lesser budget restraints on this film only hurt it’s in this type of setting. There is also a fact that some of the acting is a little weak, but I won’t nitpick.

So all that aside, we still have a slow start for the film as well. BUT (and yes, we have a “But” here), the film does pickup and deliver mostly the goods in it’s last half when it’s becomes less standing around and trying to figure out what’s going on movie and more of an all out kill fest! It’s at this point when things turn very violent and bloody. And you know as well as I do that even if the plot has been somewhat done before, you can’t ignore the screen when the blood does start flying around on it. So don’t take what I’ve said wrong, the movie DOES pack a few punches here and there and have something worth seeing in it. You might not really care who lives and who dies, but you will at least enjoy seeing them killed off before your very eyes. I think it’s fair to say that as far as Troma’s latest goes, Kill, it’s a bit slow and a bit “done before”, but you do get some enjoyment out of it during it’s bloody moments near the end.


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