Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972)

Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972)

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I’ve heard of expanding your crop but this is just taking it too far!

Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972)
Directed By: Ed Adlum

The Prologue
Where I grew up in the GREAT state of, Tennessee, there was a lot of farmers. All kinds of farmers too. Corn, chickens, whatever you can think of we had it, right down to the very illegal pot farmers I’m sure. In this classic film from the 70’s, Invasion of the Blood Farmers, which I’m sure the writing of involved a lot of drugs,  these farmers are harvesting some rather interesting things!  This leads us into a bit of a blood cult and leads also into a pretty crazy plot that just fits perfectly in the acid induced 1970’s.

The Movie
Somewhere off an old country road in a sleepy little town in upstate New York, a young woman us terrorized by a group if rural farmers primarily interested in a harvest of bodies and blood. We warn you! Don’t eat before you see this DVD and you’ll have nothing to lose! Well, the one thing you won’t loose if you buy this DVD is your money. I think it’s very entertaining, even if it is KINDA silly once you get right down to what is going on on screen.

Soo basically we have some farmers from hell here who do everything from take pretty women and keep them in glass boxes, to having us witness a very funny fight scene with a dog. A scene that I think may be the most memorable from the film due to the fact it’s just soo outrageous  you can’t help but enjoy it! Really the outrageous aspect of the whole darn thing is what makes you like what you are seeing. I mean these farmers couldn’t get anymore silly (in a good way) unless they had beards and were Amish Blood Farmers!..Wonder why they didn’t think of that idea and have a sequel?

Also, the way the film is, from the very enjoyable gore to the cast really, reminds me a lot of the classic, I Drink Your Blood. As a matter of fact you could probably show this and that back to back and have it flow rather nicely together, as they do seem to be in the same crazy vein. Just take out the crazed hippies with a head full of acid and insert a strange group of farmers who are taking blood and doing creepy things with it. It’s just soo bad it’s good if I’m to be 100% honest with you. But rest a sure that in this case, being soo bad it’s good is a good thing.

So as you could probably have guessed by now, the plot isn’t anything ground breaking. It’s a little silly and a lot of it doesn’t add up, but it’s fun if nothing else. The acting won’t win any awards or anything, but when you mix in the shorter running time and all the blood you have something that a lot of you could get a kick out of I’m sure. This is a film I’d actually show friends, if for no other reason than for them to see the funny dog scene I was speaking about earlier in this review. If you don’t mind some silly horror fun mixed with some 70’s gore, then you’ll have a good time watching this.

The Conclusion
Cheezy Flicks is the home for this one, and I’d recommend picking this one up. Clearly I can’t reasonably give it a high score, but I will happily admit it was a lot of fun for me and I think it will be for you as well. I mean who doesn’t like seeing farmers pretty much cypher blood from women, right??

The Rating (6.5/10)        

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