Internet Killed The Magazine Star?

Internet Killed The Magazine Star?

📅05 February 2010, 23:24

As I’m sure most of you know by now panic spread (or maybe just interest) through the horror community when the web-site for Fangoria went offline, a story that was brought to my attention by my good blogging buddy The Jaded Viewer. Now this led many to go as far out as to declare Fangoria dead, and while that has yet to been seen I can say that in this day and age I’d be shocked to see any magazine company keep on rolling much less a horror one.

I’ll be honest folks, I’ve never bought one single issue of Fangoria. Sure I knew what it was, I have been a horror fan for year but in between buying Wrestling Magazines, Comic Books, and Sports Cards I just didn’t have the cash flow left for it. None the less while the parental units were grocery shopping I’d still stop by the magazine racks and check an issue of Fangoria out. I guess what I’m trying to say is I do respect the history of the magazine even without ever owning one and I’m somewhat shocked that there isn’t many people out there that seems to care if the publication goes belly up or not.

With the boom of the internet, as in everybody has access to it now days, it’s hard to make money off psychical copies of anything media related. I can’t tell you how many magazines have died or went to a net base and just how many local news papers have also followed the same route because of it. The money just doesn’t roll in in waves anymore for a publication that prints news and charges close to 8 or 9 bucks for it when you can just as easily read the same news for free on the internet. The money is with the adds not the news it’s self, but that being said what makes the Fangoria news so weird is it isn’t the magazine that has went out of business, it’s their actual web-page. According to this rant here from the now former web-master it looks like there’s a lot of drama over at Fangoria and it could very well spread to the magazine it’s self..I mean really who knows what the limit to the drama is since the most important thing a publication can have in the year 2010 (it’s web-page) is already a victim of it!

To some Fangoria may have been dead to them a long time ago, I know some folks tossed in the towel when they saw Twilight on the cover of it. While that hurts me to think about I’m not warped on the whole idea as to why they did that. Twilight, hate it or love it, is a money maker and Fangoria is a business and needs to make money. Maybe you nor me would buy a copy of Fangoria with Twilight on the cover but there are many trendy teens out there that would and probably did. You might call that selling out but when people have families to feed and money to make in order to live I can look past it, especially in these times where the economy is in shambles…People gotta eat ya know??

So with the 300th issue of Fangoria on the way we must take a moment to wonder just how many may be left after. You may not agree with the route the publication has taken over the years but why would anyone want to see something as historic in horror as Fangoria come to an end all together? Horror, as dysfunctional as it is, is like one big family and you don’t wish death on a member of the family just because they do things you don’t agree with do you?

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