I knew I had "SAW" you before!

I knew I had "SAW" you before!

📅11 November 2009, 00:02

As you folks have probably come to know by now, I like to take a moment every now and then and just give a great deal of focus and praise to some of the ladies out there, not only in horror but in the world of pop culture as a whole, as many of you saw with my post on Katy Perry. But today we we are here to give a little attention to a lady you may know best as the ex-wife of Jigsaw in the “SAW” movies, Betsy Russell!

Now it goes without saying that Betsy is still smoking today at the ripe ol’ age of 46 years old. But when I spotted her in “SAW III” I knew I had seen her somewhere before but couldn’t put my finger on it until I did a little research into the matter.You see Betsy is no stranger to horror as you might recall her from the 1987 slasher flick “Cheerleader Camp” or the 1991 horror film “Camp Fear”, but still neither of those was from where I recall seeing Miss Russell..

When I was just a small small child (around 3 or 4) I remember seeing a 1985 comedy of all things, called “Tomboy”. That of course being a story about a girl who not only works on cars but wants to be a stock car racer! And sure enough, that is where I had seen Betsy Russell before, she’s the star of the film! And in another note that’s going to come across as very immature on my part yet I just feel the need to share it anyway, Betsy has a few topless scenes in the film and she holds the honor (if we want to call it that) as being the first girl I ever saw topless in a movie! No wonder when I saw, SAW I was like, “Hey! I remember this woman from somewhere!”..Ah..glory days folks, glory days!

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