Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)

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It’s not soo bad!

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)
Directed By: Anthony Hickox (Waxwork)

The Prologue
So it’s now 1992! Or it was 1992 when Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth opened up in theaters. By this point the Hellraiser franchise was rolling along nicely after everyone seemed to really like the original two (more or less). Now the original was directed by Clive Barker, but he didn’t direct part II and he’s not directing part III here either. And if I was Clive, I’m sure I wouldn’t be hating on this one too much. I mean, it really does have some cool things going on for it. It just really could have used someone else to write the dialogue, because that’s just where things tend to get a little “iffy”.

The Movie
Pinhead is stuck in a block after the Big Confrontation in “Hellbound,” The block containing Pinhead and the puzzle cube is bought by a young playboy as sculpture. Pinhead busies himself escaping by getting the playboy to lure victims to his presence so he can use their blood. Once free, he seeks to destroy the puzzle cube so he need never return to Hell, but a female reporter is investigating the grisly murders and stands in his way.

One thing about Hellraiser is that it’s never simple, and the plot here is rather complex. We have a human (good?) side of Pinhead and a more unbalanced and evil side of Pinhead running around. Both in a bit of a power struggle and using a reporter by the name of Joey (a female named that) to help them get the upper-hand on the other. I can say that I think the story was kinda neat and not at all as corny as I remembered it being when I first saw this years ago. When you do look at the flaws of this film, you can’t lay any of the blame on the plot..I mean it’s not this movie’s fault that the plot would become a mess on down the road with sequels.

What would be this film’s biggest flaw? There is some very questionable and corny dialogue going down in this movie. Characters say and do stuff that just comes across as soo fake that is makes you kinda flinch when you hear it uttered on the screen. I know the film is a “Hellraiser” film and hell and all of that comes along with it, but why does every single character have to yell out corny hell related dialogue? Outside of Pinhead it just seems forced, and it really seems forced here. I don’t think I’d call it bad acting, just bad writing in the character standpoint. But how many times does someone need to tell Pinhead to “go to hell” in a Hellraiser film?

But if we do have one good thing we can praise in this film, it’s the gore. There is some really awesome effects and blood running all over the place at times in this movie, and it really helps pick things up after they kick off a bit slowly. Now I won’t say this movie isn’t hurt from the lack of Kirsty Cotton, because her not being around really does kinda suck. The new lead is OK, but she isn’t Kirsty and while this is very watchable and has some cool gore, it’s just not Hellraiser part 1 (or part 2 for that matter). But when you take a look at the long list of Hellraiser films, you’ll have to give this one credit for not being half bad.

The Conclusion

This is another title you can pickup from Echo Bridge. You can get it solo HERE or in that new Hellraiser Collection set HERE. If you are a fan of this series, I think you’ll agree this one isn’t that bad. While it’s not the first two in quality, it’s at least a lot better than what was to come along in this franchise down the road.

The Rating (6.5/10)     

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