Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)

Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)

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Pinhead goes slashing!

Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)
Directed By: Rick Bota (Hellraiser: Deader)

The Prologue
In 2005, Miramax gave us two straight to DVD entries into the legendary Hellraiser franchise. The second of those entries came in the form of, Hellraiser: Hellworld. Shot back to back with “Deader”, “Hellworld” would take us even deeper out of the comfort zone off Hellraiser and the giant stray away was at the time a bit of a letdown for hardcore fans of Pinhead and all his weird friends. But now in the year 2011 does those negative feelings about the entry still hold strong? Or does time and more of an open mind make things appear much better when one can somewhat understand more what they were going for in the making of “Hellworld”?  Even if, for the most part, Pinhead does away with his chains and takes more slasher approach.

The Movie
The youngsters Chelsea, Allison, Derrick and Mike are grieving the suicide of their friend Adam, who became obsessed with an internet game called Hellworld. Their former friend Jake blames the group since they have not stopped playing the game even when Adam was unstable. When they receive an invitation to a Hellworld party in an isolated mansion, the reluctant Chelsea decides to join the group and they surprisingly find Jake in the party. He explains that he was invited by a girl he met in a chat room. They are hosted by the owner of the place, who shows them his private macabre collection. Along the night, they find that they are in a party in hell.

You may ask yourself how this movie could not only follow “Deader” but be shot back to back with it and have not a single thing connecting them besides the box, Pinhead, and the Cenobites. I at first asked that as well. But as the story goes, both movies were taken from different scripts that originally had nothing to do with Hellraiser. After a few re-writes, Ta-da! We had two more Hellraiser films. But that doesn’t mean all was lost with them. This time even more so than the last, Hellraiser, as a whole is taking giant steps to evolve as a franchise. What follows might not be what you were expecting or wanting at the time, but you get a more self-aware film that at times kinda reminds you of Scream. It also has shades of what was more current in 2005 with a internet based plot mixed witha very “SAW-like” device for one of the films better kills.

This time around not only do we have the always awesome Doug Bradley as Pinhead, but we also got Lance Henriksen playing a mysterious and weird party host as well. I do wish the two of them shared the screen a lot more than they actually do, but these two vets balance out the so-so actors that make up the kids in the film. It may (at times) be a less serious entry into Hellraiser that can from time to time seemed a little too “wink wink”, but the combo of Bradley and Lance still find there way to fit right in and makeup what is ultimately the most enjoyable part of the film. So if you take nothing else from this one, you’ll at least have them and that’s better than nothing right?

While I admit the plot is a little too cute at times and you have to kinda forget common sense in a few areas, it can be kinda cool if you can look over the holes in the plot. But if we can believe that people who play with a box can unleash a guy with pins sticking all in his head, then a little looking the other way to a plot isn’t THAT much to ask now is it? If it makes you feel better, the cool things of Hellraiser (well most of them) are tossed in the middle of what feels like more of a slasher here. And while it might not be A+ material, I did find it kinda interesting and cool for the most part. Which is great for a film franchise that had hit the number of sequels that this one makes for Hellraiser.

The Conclusion
Just like our last Hellraiser film we covered, Echo Bridge Entertainment brought us this DVD. And you can add this to your collection BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE. You can also add to your Hellraiser collection and feel a few spots you might be missing by clicking around that site. While I still prefer the original to any other Hellraiser that’s been made, I will admit this one was fun. Probably a lot more fun than it had any right to be. Some may not be able to ignore some plot holes, but you could do worse. Also, if you are more into blu ray, you can get the newly released blu ray version by CLICKING HERE.

The Rating (6.5/10)      

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