Hatchet II (2010)

Hatchet II (2010)

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I really miss Tamara Feldman…

Hatchet II (2010)
Directed By: Adam Green (Frozen)

The Prologue
So after the entire (or more along the lines of 85%) of the horror world had a orgasm over Hatchet, Adam Green, gave us Hatchet II in 2010. A film that had such a hard time getting an R rating that they just said “F it!” and went with releasing it (be it limited) unrated. Now of course it didn’t stay in theaters long, and the fact is for such a movie to truly shine it’ll have to shine with DVD sales. The DVD/Blu Ray for Hatchet II will finally be released to the masses on February 2nd 2011 by Dark Sky Films, and while it’ll be in all it’s uncut gory goodness..How does it hold up to he first one?

The Movie
Picking up at the very moment where we left off the last time, Marybeth (now played by Danielle Harris) survives the horrible night in the swamp and makes it back to the city to seek out answers from Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd once again). What happens then is Marybeth, her Uncle, Rev. Zombie, and a whole group of skilled hunters go back to the swamp looking for the bodies of her family killed, oh and also the head of Victor Crowley. As you’d probably assume, they should have all stayed gone while they had the chance. More elements of the story are reveled, more gallons of blood are spilled, but things just never do seem to click like before.

First and foremost I just want to say, Danielle Harris, I love you..I want you to have my babies, BUT you just aren’t Marybeth. Along with losing the whole feel that Tamara Feldman had put into the character, she also loses the accent, and just falls somewhat flat. I think Danielle was still playing her character from Halloween instead of picking up the role of Marybeth where Tamara Feldman left off. Also you really miss the buddy feel you got from Marcus and Ben, as these hicks here are just toss away characters you never really feel attached to. Tony Todd is as always good, but even he didn’t seem to do as much for me this time as his little cameo in the last film did. Sure we got tons of blood here, but not much else.

BUT we must talk about the gore due to the fact it is glorious and unlike the last film doesn’t just seem to borrow kills from Friday the 13th. Victor seems even more pissed using giant chainsaws, and other devices to do some of the more gruesome stuff I’ve seen in an American made horror film in some time. I dare say it actually makes IT’S down mark in the kill department this time around and gets away from the frequent “I saw this in Friday the 13th” territory the other film was stuck in. Think the “You’re not the babysitter” scene in House of the Devil only stretched out for the whole film. Even if the plot is weak (and it is), even if the characters kinda suck (and they do), you got gore holding this thing together. Just as noted before, it’s a little sad that’s all it seems to have. Had you mixed the humor of the original with this gore and added in a better plot you could have had solid 8 going here..but that’s not the case.

Green seems to have found his flow with Hatchet and what the fans want (well, most of them anyway) with a horror film by him. But while the story is moved along, too much is lost and not gained back from the original and the blood is really all of note you have here. There are a few comedy bits, some kinda fun, some just not. You get even a cool little intertwined element from Frozen to combine the world of Adam Green’s films together. But gore can’t make a movie work by it’s self and as much as I love Danielle Harris in Halloween (Even Zombie’s Halloween 2) she just is NOT the Marybeth we loved from the last one. As long as the crowd demands it, I’m sure we’ll see more of Victor and the swamp down the line, and if the movies run into the part 5, 6, and so on range like a lot of franchises I can see this one being remembered somewhat fondly for the brutality and violence, and because films tend to get less and less as more parts are made. However, as of now, it’s just a notch under the original Hatchet, and is only as high as it is due to the gore, nothing else.

The Conclusion
I don’t hate it, I actually love the gore, and that’s why it gets what it gets. I’m not trying to be an ass, but outside that, the movie doesn’t have a lot else going for it. I think the plot (be it more original than the first) is still weak and just an excuse to get people back to the swamp. I also don’t think the characters hold up well this time around. But for the love of God, no offense Danielle Harris, but if there is a three PLEASE please beg Tamara Feldman to come back.

The Rating (6/10)        

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