Has Anyone Seen Mac?

Has Anyone Seen Mac?

📅13 May 2010, 20:29

Before I get started here let me just say that if you weren’t alive then or old enough to remember 1986 then maybe this post will be a bit over your head. Also some of you might say “Dude! This has nothing to do with horror!!” Well, um sorry?

When you think McDonalds you think of well fast food that can make you fat first and foremost, but second..second you think of Ronald McDonald. But me being lucky enough to do a good part of my growing up in the 80’s I remember in 1986 when McDonalds was just kicking off their campaign to advertise their new later or all night hours, and for those adds they didn’t use Ronald..they use Mac Tonight!

Mac here was..well..he was the f’n Moon Man! But he also played a mean piano and sung a catchy little tune. For a period after McDonalds really tried to get the moon man over by placing many little (and somewhat creepy) toys of Mac in the Happy Meals. Mac would make a cameo in a Big Mac add in 1988 but after that it’s been rather hard to catch the moon dude anywhere.

Okay, if you live in China you got the see Mac again in 2007 as he made a return in full CGI form but what about us in the good ol’  U.S. of A damn it!?

Well..I guess we still got the memories right?

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