Gurozuka (2005)

Gurozuka (2005)

📅09 December 2011, 21:04

Have you ever admired someone so much that you wanted to eat them?

Gurozuka (2005)
Directed By: Yôichi Nishiyama
Where to get it: Synapse and CAV

The Prologue
The film Gurozuka is a 2005 Japanese horror film. So don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it before, because I’m sure a lot of people hadn’t heard of it before word broke of it’s coming release from Synapse. So, I got the chance to check this out before it is unleashed upon the world on January 10th of 2011. And I am happy to say it’s an interesting little tale about some cute Japanese women who end up in a very creepy and bad situation. All the while being out in the middle of nowhere and seemingly helpless. So, sit-back, prop up your feet, and let’s all dive into this eerie Japanese horror film, Gurozuka.

The Movie
A fun getaway turns into a journey to Hell for some teenage girls visiting an isolated house to rehearse and perform a play for their private movie club.  Taking the trip with an adult chaperone, the girls learn a previous club member supposedly went missing in the house, and another insane!  Shortly after they arrive, a mysterious videotape is found with footage of a violent killer wearing a Japanese “deigan” mask.  Is this footage real or fake?  Soon, their food and equipment disappears and one of the girls is haunted by ghostly visions of the masked demon.  Someone or something is in the house, and gruesome death awaits those who cannot escape!

This movie seems like it mixes a few movies into on here, but don’t worry, it’s a good combination. We don’t get an all out blood bath, it’s more along the lines of the Halloween style of doing a slasher. It seems to be feeding the audience more on the overall mystery and suspense than by gore. I myself like a lot of gore, but I can see the art in what is going on here and I’m sure there’s a lot of people who might prefer this style. I had never heard of a Japanese deigan mask before this movie, but I will admit it sure as hell works well. Those things are creepy and it only helps this film even more.

The movie also mixes elements of both The Ring and Scream. The Ring part comes from the fact that all of this madness starts due to an old 5MM film the girls in the movie run across. What they witness on the tape is either a real murder or a staged incident. Of course this sets forth a series of events that are pretty interesting, even if it’s a bit of a slower and methodical pace. The Scream part comes in, not only from the fact we got someone in a mask running around with a big ass knife. After all, that could be from any movie. But here we have a overshadowing mystery of just who is doing the killing. Is it one of the girls we have in the film? Or could it be someone else?

So we got style, we got a mystery, we got a creepy mask, and it all comes to ahead with a nice twist ending. I do think it’s a little slow in spots and I would have loved more gore, but there are a lot of people who will like this style more being the way that it is. Besides just having some elements from other films. it does a fine job of building up it’s own rep and doing it’s own thing in areas where it matters most. It may have some stuff in common with other films, but I can assure you it doesn’t just follow the format of the same movies, it makes it’s own path. And the results is a very nice little film for anyone who loves slashers with a twist at the end.

The Conclusion
Gurozuka isn’t your typical film and that’s what is the best part about it. As I noted before, that deigan mask is all sorts of weird and awesome rolled into one. If you like a more style over blood horror film, you’ll like this. You do kinda get a strong Scream feel from time to time, among other things, but it really does work well. And has enough different aspects to it to make it overall enjoyable.

The Rating (6.5/10)        

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