Gothkill (2009)

Gothkill (2009)

📅02 June 2010, 23:52

Well…this was odd.

Gothkill (2009)
Directed By: JJ Connelly

The Prologue

Soooo, do we have any Gothic kids in the house? How about devil worshipers?? Heck, how about any wiccans?? If so then you may take an interest in this movie we are about to cover today called Gothkill! However I’ll admit I know little on the culture other than the fact it doesn’t seem to mix well with horror for a movie.

And keep in mind this is just my own opinion, so please don’t put any curses on me if you are into this stuff.

The Movie

Nick Dread a former catholic priest finds shady work going on in the church so he gives up his faith and turns to Satan where he is then burned like a witch. But in the process he is promised his own kingdom filled with souls of the damned. Only problem is, the devil lied so now Dread must collect the souls himself..and it just so happens he go after a group of wanna be vampires. Yep, it’s kinda entertaining but in the so bad it’s funny way.

I’m told a lot of people in this movie are pretty famous goths, seeing as how I’m not goth I don’t know anyone I see but Juliya Chernetsky who works for the TV channel FUSE. But if you blink you may miss her. The one thing I did notice about the movie and like is the performance of the lead Flambeaux (that’s the dudes “real” name) in the role of Nick Dread. He’s way way WAY over the top but I find him funny at times.

The movie is also just over an hour barely so you won’t have too much of your time wasted, and while I understand it’s becoming a bit of an underground hit for the goth folks in places like New York, if you’re a average every day none Gothic person you probably won’t like the over all presentation of this film. I mean I like stuff like The Cure, but this whole magical spells and devil talk just did nothing for me but make me roll my eyes.

Now of course this is a “do it yourself” kinda movie so don’t look for big budget stuff, however that being said the green screen effects and bad looking blood doesn’t help things. I believe there was one gore effect only that I really liked and the rest anyone could do with some fake blood and a camera.

Besides Mr.Flambeaux (if that is his real name) I thought the other acting goes from bad to worse with each given person in the movie. I don’t always judge stuff based on acting. I’m not an expert on it by any means as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, but this acting is soo bad I think anyone will be able to pick up on it. So really, there’s not a lot to see here sadly.

The Conclusion
Well..unless you are Gothic or a devil worshiper, I don’t think you’ll find this movie to your liking. But if you are then you can get this little number from our good friends over at Wild Eye.

Maybe I’m just out of my element with this stuff? I’m not THAT cool, I’m sorry.

The Rating (3.5/10)

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