Frankenhooker (1990)

Frankenhooker (1990)

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Frankenhooker (1990)
Directed By: Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case)
Where to get it: Synapse

The Prologue
Frank Henenlotter has given the world some of the weirdest films anyone could ever find. He has Basket Case, he has Brain Damage, but he also has another film that many will call one of the best films of the 1990s. Hell, maybe it’s the most underrated film of the 90s. That movie would be the crazy story of a woman being brought back to life with hooker parts, Frankenhooker. I was thrilled enough to finally get another chance to watch this wild movie, that I first saw at the age of eleven back in 1991, when I rented the VHS. But the fact it’s in the form of a new Blu-ray release from Synapse is just icing on the strange cake that is, Frankenhooker.    

The Movie
When Jeffrey Franken’s fiancée is chopped to pieces by the blades of a remote-controlled lawnmower, he uses his dubious medical knowledge to try to bring her back to life.   He reassembles his beloved Elizabeth using the body parts of New York City’s finest prostitutes, and resurrects her during a heavy lightning storm.  Unfortunately for Jeffrey, his dear Elizabeth’s brain is scrambled and she runs amok on 42nd Street, turning tricks and bringing high-voltage death to her customers!

When you sit-down to watch a film like Frankenhooker, you need to make it a point not to take a thing you see on screen too seriously. Because this is the type of movie that never takes it’s self too seriously. It’s full of funny moments and it’s also a movie that doesn’t waste time. From the moment this things kicks off, from our mad scientist, Jeffrey working on a project until the moment we see his girlfriend, Elizabeth meet her untimely end by a lawnmower, all of which happens BEFORE the opening credits mind you. You just know you are about to see something that is really great. And “great” is a term I would use without shame when talking about this classic film from 1990.

While Patty Mullen might not have the longest cinematic resume ever, she is perfect here in the role of Elizabeth. And don’t let the silly stuff fool you, playing the role of a “Frankenhooker” isn’t something that’s easy to pull off. With the wrong person, this film could have been a disaster. But Patty carries this film in my opinion. And when you add her grand performance up with the great natural effects of the film, you get a great combination that gives great re-watch value. You just don’t know how much fun it can be to see a love sick man, taking on the daunting task of finding hookers to kill to re-animate his girlfriend, until you’ve seen this fun movie.

By the time Jeffery’s now living dead lady runs into the pissed off pimp Zorro, you should already know you’ve seen a classic. It’s one of those movies that you actually wish was longer, just because you’re having soo much fun with it that you don’t want it to end when it does. And THAT is the kinda movie you see people clamoring to after 21 years. If I had to point out a negative at all about the film, it would be that Jeffery is a bit of an annoying character in some areas. But outside of that, it’s hard to find anything wrong at all with Frankenhooker. I’ll always have a soft spot for Basket Case and Brain Damage, but I feel THIS is Frank Henenlotter’s masterpiece.

The Conclusion
Hookers blowing up, heads being chopped off, and some awesome effects, what more could any horror fan want? This time around, the already great film, comes to us in a new 2K high-definition transfer created from original vault materials and digitally re-mastered 5.1 surround sound! While it is an older film, the colors of the film do look more vibrant and it does make the film’s environment seem even more amazing. If you want to own Frankenhooker, THIS is the edition you need to own.  

The Rating (8/10)     

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