Fix (2011)

Fix (2011)

📅28 March 2012, 02:16

Fix (2011)
Director: Doug Freel
Where to get it: CAV

Provides an insider’s view of the groundbreaking, outrageous, creative juggernaut that was the band Ministry – during their world tour – as front man Al Jourgensen slips into drug addiction. Ministry made industrial rock mainstream, and along the way their music and take no prisoners lifestyle influenced the leaders of today’s most important bands, many of whom are in the film.

I never was too much on industrial rock, but this caught my attention and it held it. Ministry front man, Al Jourgensen, is clearly a musical genius and a very smart man. And knowing this makes it all the more sad to see this man, who seems like a very nice person in general, fall to the disease that is drug use. But that is just what we see, all the while getting input from other musical personality and Ministry members as well. And just what names are here? People from Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Motorhead, and more. Many of these people are clearly aware of whats up with Al. Some have been there themselves. All these elements makes it one of the more interesting rock documentaries I’ve seen in years.

This film doesn’t really give you any bells and whistles. It doesn’t really give you a happy ending either. What you get with this is 100% truth. It’s not nice, it’s not pretty, and it’s all really kinda sad in the bigger picture of things. That is one reason why I feel you should really check this film out. The movie also comes packed with a poster and a music CD featuring an album by the ex guitarist of Ministry. When you add that all up, you give a damn find release for fans of rock, not just Ministry.


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