Exotic Malice (1980)

Exotic Malice (1980)

📅18 August 2011, 21:47

Celebrated as the first official hardcore outing of Italian cinema ya know??

Exotic Malice (1980)
Directed By: Joe D’Amato

The Prologue
You people have heard of director, Joe D’Amato right? He’s probably one of the more well respected erotic movie makers of all time! And today we have his film from 1980 called, Exotic Malice! Which I’m sure had another Italian name that I’m just too lazy to look around for right now. I’ll admit I blindly went into watching this movie without researching just what it was and who it was from, and I got a big shock when I see just how “Exotic” this one gets. But none the less, it’s probably one of the more classy adult films you can find out there from back in the day.

The Movie
Haunted by his feelings of guilt about his lover’s suicide, Mark (Mark Shannon) is diagnosed with a prostate cancer that allows him only a few weeks of life. So he makes up his mind and goes to the island where many years before he first met a girl he desperately feel in love with. As soon as he sets foot on the island he stumbles into a woman who looks exactly like his late lover. Completely lost in his nightmares and plagued by ghosts, Mark gets involved in multiple and raunchy sex affairs, trying to shut down his fear about his own death.

Well, this IS a porno film from the early 80’s so as a result we get a lead that looks a lot like Magnum P.I.. That in it’s own right is rather funny and the idea of a man who pretty much is just trying to have as much sex as possible before he gets castrated is also kinda funny (we can laugh cause it is just a movie right?). But all that withstanding, if you want a lot of sex that is hardcore but isn’t as gross as a lot of the stuff you see out there, then here you go! I don’t usually watch a lot of porn (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), but  this one wasn’t that bad when you take everything into account.

One thing being, this film actually has a solid plot and has plot points that make for a compelling story. How many adult films can you think of that builds a mystery and an actual plot into all the sex scenes they show in the movies?? Not too many. I guess we can give credit to the director, Joe D’Amato who is a pretty respected movie maker, all hardcore aspects of this film aside. The story has a plot that evolves as the story moves along and by the time the movie ends you actually feel like you’ve watched an honest to goodness movie, not just a hardcore Italian film.

The film also gives us a cool gore shot or two as well. Now I will admit, as a straight man, I’m not too keen on closeups of a man’s penis in films, but since female body parts up close don’t make me look the other way I’m probably just a hypocrite for bringing it up. But I guess any females who like that sorta stuff can use that as an extra reason to check this one out. While I’m not the type of guy who piles up on my couch on a cold Saturday night with the intent to watch an adult film, I’ll at least give this one a kudo or two for having a real story.

The Conclusion
This film would be great for anyone who loves old erotic thrillers! It came to us today from One 7 Films, by way of CAV distribution. Now, I’m not big on porn but if you are and like the old school dirty theater feel then this is for you. I will also give credit to how well the film looks. Going by what some old VHS tapes of this looks like, it’s clear that they did a great job cleaning this one up.

The Rating (5/10)        

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