Devil's Playground (2010)

Devil's Playground (2010)

📅07 December 2010, 07:13

Zombies DON’T Jump!

Devil’s Playground (2010)
Directed By: Mark McQueen

The Prologue

Does this count as zombies?? Or is it more like these people are infected?? Oh gosh, who knows! That debate could go on forever, but the UK’s Devil’s Playground is a movie that I think a lot of people will like. Going by what the people over at IMDB think, there seems to be a chance that I like this more than most but I’ll assume that is just “wankers” and when this thing gets out to the masses it’ll find much more love, and it should because it is very solid. Very UK-ish, but very solid none the less!

The Movie
So over in the UK they decide to try a new drug out on everyone for enhancement, but as you’d figure everything goes wrong turning all of those people, besides one, who volunteered to have it tried out on them into flesh eating, infected, zombies! As the world (or at least the UK) goes to hell in a hand-basket, Cole, a murdering mercenary, has a change of heart and in order to redeem himself goes to find the one person who may have the key in their genetics to save the world!..A very hot girl by the name of Angela.

Well right out the gate I think I should let you all know it’s way more 28 Days Later than Dawn of the Dead, and the infected/zombies along with the fact it’s the UK will only help in having it compared to that movie over and over again. But, I like to think if you just look at it on it’s own, it’s not a bad movie at all. While the plot is nowhere near original, and these days when dealing with this issue it’s harder to be original, it makes good of what it has and builds suspense with high speed action and some pretty cool gore from time to time.

Now as everyone knows, I’m not too keen on running zombies (and I really hate to call infected people zombies btw), but due to the fact it’s more sick people that legit dead people I can give it more of a pass this time around. The thing however that gets me isn’t the fact they run, it’s the fact that everyone bitten turns into an acrobat, displaying some very challenging and complex jumping skills, and has the ability to leap off walls that even Spider-Man might be envious of. It’s just a little odd and I think it really distracted me while watching when I see an infected person go all “ninja” on us. Still, not THAT big of a flaw.

So we have a film with pretty good gore, suspense, nice action scenes, and held up really well with pretty good actors. I think Craig Fairbrass does a grand job as Cole. I also think MyAnna Buring (of Decent fame) does a good job as Angela. It’s honestly a good movie, but while I did like it, I’m not sure for me it had much re-watch value. Don’t let that however get in the way of you seeking it out, I originally didn’t feel 28 Days Later had a ton of re-watch value either, but I’ve since realized I was more fond of it than I thought and it sits on my DVD shelf now. I think over time this movie will be the same way with a lot of folks, but it may have a harder time breaking away from being named along with 28 Days Later than anything else.

The Conclusion
When the movie wrapped up I was satisfied and felt as if I had seen a good film. I think the door may slightly be left open for a sequel and I wouldn’t be shocked if one follows. I’m going with a pretty good rating because I did enjoy it, I just don’t know when I’ll want to watch it again. Some of you may like it ten times more than I, so well worth a watch.

The Rating (7/10)

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