Cover Art pt.2: When The Art Gets Ugly

Cover Art pt.2: When The Art Gets Ugly

📅26 December 2009, 03:11

While last time we focused on the actual art side of cover art today we take a look at the grittier and more grindhouse style of movie covers. You know the ones where they take a gruesome scene from the movie or used just a horrendous image from the film and just stamp it on the cover with the title?

While I’m sure some of these covers were used to just stand out and grab the attention of the person who was browsing the horror section of the video store I’m also sure a good deal of these were used just because they were a lot cheaper than having someone paint a cover or actually use photoshop (or whatever they called it back then) to make a cover.

I remember seeing the covers of stuff like Zombie (aka Zombie 2) back in the day and it grabbing my attention way more so than the later entries into A Nightmare on Elm Street that had Freddy just there on the cover standing next to a baby carriage.

Now these days you don’t see a whole lot of these sorta things anymore but this is one nostalgic thing I’m OK with seeing go.  While it was fine, dandy, and fit in well with the time frame of the 70’s or 80’s it just comes across as mediocre now. But don’t feel sad because we at least still have the ugly as most are.

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