Cloverfield 2 Teaser Poster?? **Updated**

Cloverfield 2 Teaser Poster?? **Updated**

📅10 March 2010, 02:21

This could be some really awesome news or a false alarm! But has this to say…

Could the image below be a teaser poster for Cloverfield 2? It was spotted on a phone booth in either New York or downtown LA, and a Van Wagner emblem is at the top of the poster. That company is an outdoor marketing expert, and has offices in NYC and LA.

Messages left with the company to see if they are involved with the film have not yet been returned.

The under-construction Statue of Liberty ties in with the fact that the statue was decapitated in the first Cloverfield. J.J. Abrams did confirm in January that a sequel was in the works.

** Update** Britt Hayes from Brutal As Hell was nice enough to pass along to me the info that this is sadly not a poster for a sequel to Coverfield but art for a History Channel show called, America: The Story of Us.  So sorry to get anyone’s hopes up guys, I am very disappointed as well as I keep waiting and waiting for a sequel myself.

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