(CHIKARA) High Noon

(CHIKARA) High Noon

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(CHIKARA) “High Noon”
Philadelphia, PA – 11.13.2011
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Well, Gang, this is it! This is the BIG one! The season 10 finale of Chikara and it comes to us in the form of their very fist Internet pay-per-view, High Noon! Tonight from the old school ECW arena in Philadelphia, Chikara will crown their very first Grand Champion when Mike Quackenbush takes on Eddie Kingston as the 12 Large Summit Tournament comes to a grand end! Also, every story that has been built up in Chikara this past season comes to their big blow off as well!

(Pre-Show Match)
El Generico

This was a match that was streamed for free live before the event started, but is also available as a bonus feature on the DVD set of the show. Here was have Chikara year 1 vet, Jigsaw, doing battle with the Generic Luchadore, El Generico! Generico also works for Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Gorilla, you may have seen him there. Both these guys are babyfaces (good guys), so we have a good, clean, and fast paced match on our hands. And as always the Chikara fans are reacting to everything! As the match goes back and forth, then settles in with Jigsaw in control, the fans shock everyone by actually cheering for Generico over their homegrown, Jogsaw! None the less, the action stays in high speed with dives, top rope action, the whole nine yards, as nobody seems to get real control. The ending however comes when Jigsaw finishes off Generico with a Double Stomp from the top @ 7:58! I was a little shocked to see Generico go down that quick and that easy, but the match did it’s job.


And now we start the main portion of the show! A cool movie-like opening roles welcoming us into the event. We also have an original song by the one and only Stan Bush! That’s how to open a show in proper fashion!

The Colony: (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant)
The Young Bucks: (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) 

The Colony are former Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas (tag team champions) and The Young Bucks, who are lead to the ring by Marty Jannetty, are former PWG tag team champions! Making matters more interesting, both teams are about a win away from getting the proper points needed to challenge F.I.S.T. for the Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas! A little comedy to start as The Bucks go from being cheered to getting reall

y heelish really quick! After our comedy passes we are treated to some of the tag action that Chikara is known for! The lucha rules are in full effect as pretty soon bodies are flying around everywhere! The Young Bucks do take control early on with their amazing high flying offense! In one cool spot, we see The Bucks just about do our Ant friends in with a Spiked Tombstone!! Finally, The Colony is able to fight back and get back in the game with their double teams maneuvers! Things do start looking bleak as Solider Ant just about gets caught with Matt and Nick’s More Bang For Your Buck! But luckily for him, Soldier Ant avoids More Bang For Your Buck, catches Matt with a Folding Press and scores the win @ 13:32. With this win, The Colony can now challenge F.I.S.T. for the Campeonatos de Parejas

Sara Del Rey
Jakob Hammermeier

Jakob, is one of the lasting members of the evil BDK group. Sara is a now former member and total bad arse! As I noted in my review of the last show, you just can’t count Sara out, even when she’s facing men. The crowd loves Sara here and going by their reaction, they seem pretty sure that Sara will “kill” Jakob here in a matter of minutes. That’s more or less what we actually get. Sara goes to town on Jakob and only really loses control for a few moments when Hammermeier uses his trademark necktie to choke Sara! This doesn’t last however. And the next thing you know, we have Sara unleashing an onslaught of kicks and suplexes on Jakob! Jakob shows a little resilience, but that’s cut off really quick when Sara finishes him off with The Royal Butterfly @ 5:21. More or less an extended squash for Sara, but it should be the start of bigger and better things for her in Chikara.

We now are joined by the former Campeonatos de Parejas, The Osirian Portal, Amasis and Ophidian. Due to the injury of Amasis, Ophidian has been going at it alone and it’s here that they will address the issue. The news however doesn’t seem to be good as Amasis quickly thanks the crowd and informs everyone that he will not be returning to the ring. Ophidian seems speechless to this, so Amasis just suggest they leave things on a good note and they proceed to do some of their trademark dancing, Kid-n-Play dancing to be exact. All seems very heartfelt and touching until out of nowhere, OPHIDIAN SPITS SOMETHING IN THE EYES OF AMASIS!!!?? Ophidian beats the holy crap out of his partner and connects with a very nasty kick to Amasis’ hurt back! The Chikara refs are here and they are trying to break this up, but it doesn’t end until after Ophidian has already ripped the mask off the fact of Amasis, which is the ultimate show of disrespect! Ophidian now makes his way back to the back, but not before taking the microphone and announcing that the problem has been solved! BIG BIG segment here.

We now are treated to a cool video package showing us the history between Green Ant and Tursas. Among the highlights of this is the footage of Green Ant’s “Flex Express” which is a total parody of old school WWF, Lex Express! And did I mention that this is approved by Lex Luger himself? Cool stuff here, showing just what a big deal this next match is.

 Green Ant

Green Ant seems to be the current IT guy in Chikara. If things stay going how they are currently going, he could very well be THE man..or THE Ant in the company soon. Tursas is a big brute from The BDK. This has been going on for a long time now, with wins being exchange

d in different matches, both single and tag. But this match here at High Noon will be the big finale to this on going feud. Classic “small guy vs. big guy” style match here as Green Ant tries and tries but can’t seem to connect with anything that can keep the big man down for a count of 3! Tursas fires back on Green Ant with some powerful movies and some hard impact stuff, but he can’t keep the Ant down either! One toss from Tursas doesn’t go as planed as Green Ant lands on his feet and then goes to work on the big man’s legs/knees! In a pure form of classic psychology, Green Ant decides that if he can’t pin the big man he will just settle for pounding a body part until this giant of a man is at the point of submission. After a few failed attempts, Green Ant at last does do just that, locking on a modified version of The Chikara Special for the submission win @ 12:27 They’ve had better matches, but this was just fine and dandy here. Perfect way to finally close the Green Ant/Tursas story.

We go to another cool video package, this time for Colt Cabana and Archibald Peck. As the story goes, Eddie Kingston beat Peck by using his finisher, The Backfist to the Future. Peck says that the shot actually sent him to the future where he found an almanac telling him the results for every Chikara event to come. He says that’s how he knew Colt Cabana would be his mystery opponent at a past Chikara show, a match that Peck won. Since, Peck has brought out Colt Cabunny, a giant bunny with Colt as his name sake! All was well at first, but we have now learned that Peck has been very mean to the bunny, doing unthinkable things to him! Colt Cabana knows this and will no longer stand for it! Now he does battle with Peck once again, in a fight to end all of this once and for all!

Colt Cabana
Archibald Peck (w.Veronica & Colt Cabunny)

If you want to see a comedy wrestling match done right, then look for a match with these two right here. Peck tries and tries to get the jump on Colt early, but nothing at all works. You average silliness goes into effect with Colt getting the best of Archie over and over again. Finally, with underhanded ways, Peck does take control of the match, but still can’t put the much larger Cabana away! During the ending of the match, Archie can’t seem to get that darn bunny to do his evil work for him, so it up to Veronica to try to do something! She distracts the ref and tosses her baton into the ring! Only it doesn’t go to Archie, it ends up in the furry hands of Colt Cabunny! Finally, it’s up for the bunny to take a stand! Does he do the right or the wrong thing?? He does the right thing! He clocks Pecks with the baton and Colt scores the pin @ 11:34! And all is right with the Chikara world as Colt Cabana and Colt Cabunny dance together in the ring!

Gregory Iron

Iron is known as the handicapped hero, due to him beating the odds and wrestling to spite having cerebral palsy. Icarus, who is a part of F.I.S.T. and has the world’s worst back tattoo, has been going on and on about how Iron is faking his illness. Thus, all that has lead to this! And right from the start we have our typical stuff with Icarus
teasing removing his jacket and the crowd begging him not to, due to his tattoo. Finally we have the match going and Icarus turns into a big bully, but still can’t keep Iron down, who comes back with offense of his on. At a few points they really work in Iron’s cerebral palsy by saying he might have been able to keep Icarus down had he not had that and could perhaps more properly hook the leg, One big heating getting portion of the match shows Icarus try to win by count-out, only for Iron to barely make it back inside the ring by the count of 18 (they have a 20 count in Chikara). Iron fights back and shows heart, he even locks on the Cripple Crossface but Icarus gets away. Sadly, this story doesn’t have a happy ending as Icarus manages to sneak in a low blow away from the red and nail Iron with the Blu-ray for the win @ 12:19

After the match, Icarus keeps the assault on Iron! That is until Icarus’ old tag team partner, Gran Akuma shows up for the save! Icarus tries to talk his way out of trouble, as Iron makes his way back to his feet. Akuma goes for a jumping kick to Icarus, but Icarus ducks and the kick connects with Iron! Doh!!!! Icarus splits, as Akuma gets help out for Iron. Not a good night for our Handicapped Hero.

Another great video package to the tune of Kanye West’s Blame Game shows us the history of UltraMantis Black and The BDK. This all leads to a no DQ match tonight between Mantis & Hallowicked against Ares and Tim Donst with a LOT on the line. We also have a promo from Donst and Ares as subtle issues seems to be in the air between the two!

The Spectral Envoy: (UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked)
The BDK: (Ares & Tim Donst)
No Disqualification- If UltraMantis Black loses, he must unmask. If Hallowicked loses, he must unmask. If Tim Donst loses, he will have his head shaved. If Ares loses, he must forfeit the Eye of Tyr to UltraMantis Black

And all heck breaks loose early in this one! And it’s really only fitting that a wild brawl like this take place in the same arena that birthed ECW. It may hardly happen in Chikara, but when it does go to the extreme in Chikara, it’s done in a very fun fashion! Since BDK attacked our heroes during their entrance, BDK takes control early on. We have these teams paired off with Ares/Mantis & Donst/Hallowicked, which is expected. Chairs come into play and the fans seem to love it as the good guy eventually take control. Of course this brings out BDK’s Jakob Hammermeier who helps BDK until Mantis’ old buddy, Crossbones pops up and clears out the annoying Hammermeier!! The battle wages on back and forth, but takes a very interesting twist at the end when Donst actually leaves Ares hanging and alone?? This allows Mantis to break out the Cosmic Disaster on Ares through a chair for the win @ 12:47!! This now once again gives UltraMantis Black the Eye of Tyr. And while it’s pure speculation on my part, I’d assume this just about puts the nail in the coffin of BDK.

After ten years, Chikara finally decided to crown it’s champion, it’s Grand Champion! A video package shows us this, and it’s one of the best hype video I can remember an indie organization having. When it came time to crown a champion, Chikara named the tournament The 12 Large Submit. It got it’s name from the l

ate Larry Sweeney, who was one of the most charismatic men to come along in wrestling in a long time. Once Block A and Block B were decided in the tournament, we were left with two men. One being the founder of Chikara, “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush. And the other being a man Quack trained and the best friend of Sweeney, Eddie Kingston. The built for this match has been epic and the video we see ends with a promo from Kingston that is just so powerful you have to see it to give it justice. He says what he does tonight will make right every bad thing he has ever done. And it’s such a heartfelt promo from Eddie, that you can’t help but get a little watery eye’d while hearing it.

Mike Quackenbush (w.Jigsaw)
Eddie Kingston (w.Tommy Dreamer)
Chikara Grand Championship

Quack is out with his partner Jigsaw as Eddie comes to the ring with his hero and hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer. Both are just here for support, so don’t look for them to get involved in any kind of way. Eddie comes into the match with a limp from knee damage that he has gotten from the months of the tournament. He might as well of had a giant arrow pointing to it saying “hit here”, because Quack goes right to work on that bum knee and when a man who is a master of 1,000 holds goes to work on a body part, you better believe that body part is going to go through the wringer. The fans are clearly backing Eddie here due to the overall powerful story of the match and it looks to be getting to Quack, which is something you don’t see much from Mike. Another thing that was rare from Quack was the thumb in the eye he gave Eddie to counter one of Kingston’s comebacks. As if you didn’t realize the epic nature of this match already, as it goes along everyone on the Chikara roster, as well as stars from the past are out and gathering around the ring to watch this epic encounter. Eddie keeps trying to get something going and Mike keeps cutting him off at the knee throughout the match! Finally, they end up trading blows and that’s always going to end up with Kingston coming out on top! This slides into Eddie unleashing a series of suplexes and lariots to Quack! Mike still just won’t stay down, so Eddie connects with not one but TWO Backfist To The Future and that keeps Mike down and crowd the 1st champion @ 17:52! This is just an environment you have to see to appreciate, guys. When you have a wrestling match with this type of build, the right story, and the right crowd, you just can’t top the overall feeling.

The emotion of the match is raised up even greater after the match as Eddie is presented the title from Sweeney’s brother and close friend. All of the roster seem to be just as emotional as Eddie himself as this moving moment does do a great job of bringing a tear to your eye. Eddie wraps this up and the show up, by taking the microphone and putting the company over. All this comes together closing Season 10 of Chikara is grand fashion. And it’s a must watch!

After the DVD credits we see Hallowicked holding Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi so he can face UltraMantis Black. Black is here to make good on his promise of giving Sinn the Eye of Tyr. A promise Mantis had first made when he hired Bodhi to bring forth the Batiri, only to have Sinn use the Batiri against Mantis. But hey, Mantis is a man of his word after all, right? Kizarny says now that he has the Eye of Tyr, he can be done with Chikara. He them leaves as we now see that Mantis gave him a fake and still posses the REAL Eye of Tyr. How will this impact Chikara heading into season 11? We shall have to wait and see.

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