Cereal Killers STICKER Cards: Making A Cool Thing Even Cooler

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In May of last year, I made a post about how awesome Cereal Killer cards from Wax-Eye were. These are cards that were drawn by the modern day legend, Joe Simko. Joe, of course being the man who’s art graced everything from The Warped Tour (if you dig the music I do you’ll know what that is) all the way to Garbage Pail Kids. And now here I sit saying they’ve turned that awesome idea of Cereal Killer cards into something else equally as awesome, Sticker cards!

Now the sticker cards are just like the basic cards, only they are..well..also stickers. But they are also even more like the collector cards we who have collected any type of cards have grown to love. When you pick up a box of them, they look like this..

Now what you see there is a poster that comes with the box. Inside you’ll find 24 packs of sticker cards, 5 sticker cards per pack or 4 cards and a random premium gift. Yes, they have adapted the cool “random insert” factor into these things now. And what is there to look for besides the already awesome cards? Silver Spoon Foil Fusion cards The odds of getting those are 2 per box. Magnets, which are 1 per every 2 boxes. And the king of all inserts, SKETCH cards, which are 1 per 2 boxes. Here’s the basis of what you’ll be looking at when you open a pack.

And for those of you wanting to know, here’s the inserts I got in this box..

The thing is this, these are 100% kick-ass, guys. If you love horror you’ll love them. If you love collecting cards you’ll love them. And when you are like me and you love both, you see these are just the most amazingly cool thing that’s came along in YEARS. Now these are at some select Toys-r-Us stores, but it’s a lot easier to just CLICK HERE and go directly to the site and pickup these sticker cards, the original cereal box cards, or get the nifty t-shirts they have as well. Either way, it’s money well spent.

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