Blue Underground vs. Grindhouse Releasing

Blue Underground vs. Grindhouse Releasing

📅15 November 2009, 03:53

If you like horror enough to make and keep up to date a blog about it you know that outside the more popular franchises and movies in the genre that there is a wide range of cult and underground films that at times tend to push the envelope (sometimes of decency) and we want to see these movies, even if we know at times we’ll feel rather dirty about it.

What I want to talk about today is the two best (in my opinion) DVD distribution companies out there today were we can find not only classic horror films, but ones that have went under the radar due to lack of people backing them or being pushed there do to their content. Those two companies are Blue Underground and Grindhouse Releasing. But in the end, which is the better of two?..Or does it really matter?

In this corner we have Blue Underground, a company that was founded by William Lustig when he worked at Anchor Bay (another great DVD company to spite my few beefs with them). At the time it was made to produce “Making of” documentaries for the Anchor Bay releases but later went independent in 2002 where it then put out great versions of not only cult movies to DVD, but mostly leaning towards European films. They also pride themselves to include extensive extras if at all possible with each release. They also now days have been putting out their titles on Blu-Ray. Among the films they’ve released you’ll find pretty much all the classic Dario Argento films not to mention Lucio Fulci’s “Zombie 2”.

And in this corner we have Grindhouse Releasing, a company founded by the team of Sage Stallone (yes that is HIS son) and film editor Bob Murawski (who works with Sam Raimi). Where Blue Underground tends to keep a Euro flavor with their films Grindhouse focuses on rare and little-seen independent cult and exploitation films. They also go out of their way to give us tons of features with the DVDs as well as actually put the films in little theaters for short runs to give fans a true “grindhouse” feeling. A very popular company in the horror DVD world Grindhouse has given us great DVD sets of such classics as “Pieces”, “Cannibal Holocaust”, “The Beyond”, and “Cat in the Brain”.

I myself tend to lean a little more towards Grindhouse, but both are great and I own just as many DVDs released by Blue Underground. One thing I must add both companies put their sets out in clear cases which tend to give you off a rather dirty vibe just by handling the DVDs. I hope I’m not the only one who gets that feeling (anyone else??). Sadly in Tennessee releases by both companies are hard to track down in stores and as a result I’ve had to actually special order a number of films from these guys that just was hell trying to track down (I’ve never been much for online’s a long story, I’ll tell it someday).

But if you are into horror and you want to see stuff that’s a little lesser known but just as good (if not better) than most of the more popular films that are out there then by all means track down titles these companies have put out there. I’ve wrote this little piece here to hopefully help those of you who don’t know about these companies become all the more wiser to them and I hope you take my advice and do just that.

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