Blind (2011)

Blind (2011)

📅21 December 2011, 16:30

Not a bad thriller.

Blind (2011)
Directed By: Sang-hoon Ahn

The Prologue
South Korea gave us, Blind, in 2011. And while it’s a film a lot of you won’t see until 2012, it’s not bad at all for what it is. Dealing with the issue of blindness can be a touchy subject in some areas. Especially if you are dealing with issues that sorta hit close to home. People feel for folks who are blind and that is why when you toss a cute girl in a role of a blind woman being stalked by a lunatic, you end up with pretty cool results at the end of the day. So, let’s get ready to read us some subtitles and check out, Blind!

The Movie
A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be the same person. Detectives look for a witness. A witness, Min Soo-Ah appears, but Min Soo-Ah is blind. She used to be a promising student at the police academy. With her acute senses, Min Soo-Ah is able to reveal important clues on the hit and run case. Another witness, Kwon Gi-Seob then appears. Gi-Seob, who witnessed the case with his own eyes, gives contradictory statements to Min Soo-Ah. The investigation then goes through many twists and turns, while Min Soo-Ah finds herself up against the killer.

The one thing that I think stands head and shoulders above all else here is our lead. Ha-Neul Kim does a fine job playing the blind, Min Soo-ah. She’s cute, she’s sympathetic, and you really can’t help but like her. Playing a blind person isn’t an easy job at all. You got to avoid flinches and just come across as, well, as a person that can’t see anything (duh!). And among the list of people I’ve seen play a blind person, she would rank among the best. It’s just hard not to totally root for and get behind a blind person, especially when you know people with vision problems in real life like I do.

Now, while some might want to toss this into the horror category, I disagree. You get some blood here and there, and outside one scene in particular, I wouldn’t say it was horror material. What it is, is a great thriller. With plenty of tense moments and drama. There’s one scene that takes place in a subway where our poor blind girl and her dog are being chased by the film’s madman. It gets tense, it just pulls you right in, and it kinda guts you in some ways at the end. Which is really the story of the movie. You have a lot of stuff happen that just tears at you at times.

The film is packed with good stuff, but I do think it should have ended a few minutes before it actually does. It’s an OK ending and all, but I think it just seems a little much for how the rest of the film comes across. Outside of that there isn’t a whole lot that I can find to complain about. But then on the other hand, while it’s good, I wouldn’t go as far as to call it great by any means. You have some thrills, you have a great lead actress, but the rest isn’t anything you can’t get from other thrillers. Still, it IS good and worth watching.

The Conclusion
Well, good job South Korea! Not great, but very good and I think a lot of you who like less horror and more thriller will enjoy this. It is a nail biter at times, but it does lack in some areas. Like, there are some goofy moments that just seem odd. But as I’ve repeated here, it’s very much worth a watch.

The Rating (7/10)               

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