Bad Teacher (2011)

Bad Teacher (2011)

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Bad Teacher (2011)
Directed By: Jake Kasdan

The Prologue
I stray from the horror and odd cinema from time to time and let be honest, most the time I pay for it. So leads us to Bad Teacher. A movie that has Cameron Diaz wanting two things, a new pair of breast and to sleep with Justin Timberlake. Which apparently is the dream of most teenage women I think. None the less, it’s a raunchy comedy. One that also has Jason Segel in it, but sadly he seems a bit wasted and I think the film is more or less a waste to spite being well made (meaning it looks good at least). Now don’t get me wrong, I like a comedy now and again. But I especially like them if they are funny and this one wasn’t funny.

The Movie
When her wealthy fiancé breaks it off, gold digger Elizabeth Halsey returns to middle school: she’s an awful teacher but wants to save for breast-implant surgery. She brightens when Scott, a new teacher, turns out to be rich, and she stops showing films and sleeping in class when told there’s a bonus for the teacher whose class scores highest on the state exam. Her competition for Scott and the bonus is cheery and tightly wound Amy. Amy digs for dirt on Elizabeth who cheats her way toward Scott’s bed and the money. Honesty with students seems to be her only skill. She ignores Russell, a droll gym teacher, who looks on. Will she succeed with Scott and get those new breasts?

I think Cameron Diaz is an OK actor. I’ve never really found her to be the knock out most think she is and I’ve never been blown away by her acting either. To be blunt with you, I find her characters to always be unlikeable. And while that’s sorta the point in a lot of ways with Bad Teacher, it just falls apart with a paper thin plot and a re-hash of pretty much every single R-rated film joke or gag in the book. And while some folks seem to love Justin Timberlake’s acting these days, I found him to be very over the top and annoying in this. I think every single time his character was on-screen it was like a live action nail on the chalkboard.

Lucy Punch, who plays the rival teacher (Amy Squirrel) that goes head to head with Diaz’s character in the film is by far the only bright spot in the movie. Her character is a squeaky clean and cookie cutter character that is the day to Diaz’s night. While by all intents and purposes she’s a good person (character wise) and is in the right in her role in the film. But since Diaz is supposed to be soo bad she’s cool and have you root for her, we are supposed to take her as the villain. And again, that doesn’t really work out that well. But still as far as acting goes, Lucy Punch is very good.

So this goes on and there are things that aren’t funny, but we are supposed to think they are ect. We have some small sub-plots with the children of the school that is much more entertaining than our main plot. I think this movie is a prime example of everything that is wrong with comedies these days. But I suppose not everything can be Super Bad or the original Hangover now can they? So, if you have someone (perhaps even you) that is a big fan of Cameron Diaz this might be worth watching. But if you actually like GOOD comedies, this one will just be OK at best.

The Conclusion
This doesn’t get my full recommendation, I’m not even sure I’d give it my half recommendation. It’s just soo hard to find a good comedy these days and this one doesn’t have a whole lot to offer overall. Lucy Punch and Jason Segel are OK, but the rest is pretty much average or a waste.

The Rating (5/10)        

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