Anguish (1987)

Anguish (1987)

📅09 March 2011, 21:24

Oh it’s a movie inside a movie! And yet we are watching this movie!! 

Anguish (1987)

Directed By: Bigas Luna

The Prologue
Does anyone out there remember the film Anguish or am I the only man alive that had no clue about it until a few  weeks ago?? Now this is a movie that has gotten some rather mixed reviews from the people I know in my inner circles, but I can’t hate on it too much. Actually, I can kinda praise it in ways. Sure it’s got that late 80’s curse working against it, but it’s not half bad. An opinion I have that I think more of you will agree with me with rather than disagree with me. So let’s get all trippy and check this out shall we??

The Movie
A film-within-a-film thriller about two teen girls among a small group of people whom are terrorized in a movie theater by a killer while watching a horror film about a murderous optometrist who stalks his victims, listens to his dear Mom too much, and tries to take eyes, in a movie theater in the film. Plus add in the fact that back in the day people where watching this movie about a movie theater in a movie theater while they were also sitting in a movie theater!! My head may just explode!!!

Some might say, and I might be forced to agree, that the movie called “The Mommy” on the screen that is the movie inside this movie, might be the better movie on it’s own. It features none other than Michael Lerner and Zelda Rubinstein as it’s main players, while the actual movie has, well, nobody of note. Add in the factor that our main female is VERY annoying and whines and cries her way through this thing. I don’t believe we should be beating on women, not at all. But someone needed to backhand this bitch.

Now lame character(s) aside, the film (and mostly the film inside the film) gives us some pretty cool gore at times. There are times it takes place off screen and there is also times it takes place while on the screen. When it’s on the screen, it’s pretty damn fun. Gore can go a long way, and while this movie relied on some aspects way to much (like the hypnotism stuff and the less said about that the better), the gore can bring you back in, even when some middle ways dragging can almost make you tune out a bit. So while it sounds a little complex and silly, it’s not THAT bad.

Now I’ll take my beanie off for the plot and concept of the film. I think the movie inside a movie thing is really cool, especially for 1987. I like 80’s movies as much as the next horror blogger, but I feel things were lacking a bit in 1987. I have no idea how this one went under the radar without me seeing it until now. I think if seen by more folks it’ll be a well liked film, even if it does drag at times. Also, I’ll admit the ending gets a little to “run of the mill” for it’s time, but I guess we can look over some stuff right?

The Conclusion
I think if you like something different and you like the 80’s you should track this one down and give it a watch. You may be surprises just by how interesting it can be. Now I’ll admit it won’t be for everyone out there, but what these days is? But if you are looking for a cool concept and a pretty funny film you could do a whole lot worse than this.

The Rating (6.5/10)

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