Anchor Bay Has Let Me Down

Anchor Bay Has Let Me Down

📅04 January 2010, 23:06

The Evil Dead Book of The Dead sets, The Evil Dead THREE Disc Ultimate Edition, The Halloween 30th Anniversary box set with a Michael Myers head! All these are great sets, all of these were made by Anchor Bay!

Ever since I got into horror DVD collecting Anchor Bay has been my “go to” company for awesome DVD releases and sets. I have a Re-Animator edition they made that came with a “syringe” green highlighter, I have the cool Day of the Dead two disc set that came with a booklet that has on it the notes of Dr.Frankenstein. I have a two disc Near Dark set that looks so nice you’d of thought Near Dark had made MILLIONS when it was released. And the point is Anchor Bay has always gave respect to horror movies no matter if they were Evil Dead or Silent Night, Deadly Night (Which of that I have the double feature disc with part 2 on it that is out of print).    

Even with the most bare bones version of a movie by Anchor Bay you could always find a slip inside, art on the disc, and more times than not a feature about the film on the disc or at least commentary. So can you imagine my shock when I opened up the Anchor Bay release of Happy Birthday To Me for Christmas to find that not only had they switched to the eco friendly cases (which means no slip and no art on the disc), they also put out this release with NO features, NO nothing but a trailer!..Not even a commentary is on this disc. And what’s worse? They charge the same price as they did for the others that had at least something extra on them.

So is this what it’s come to? Is this how it’s going to be? If it is I may be forced to rethink my future of buying Anchor Bay releases. I don’t like it but I accept the eco crap everybody is using, but I can’t accept that a company that use to go out of their way to show horror fans that they cared all the sudden is taking us for the same price but not giving us anything at all more than just the movie in return.

Will this blog post change Anchor Bay’s way of doing things? No I’m sure it won’t. Even if someone from Anchor Bay..or should I say STARZ now? Wonders upon this entry one day they’ll probably just down play it, but if you guys all got together and voiced your disappointment in this once great company then maybe just maybe things would go back to how they were…If they don’t then I don’t see myself buying much more from Anchor Bay.

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