A Christmas Story (1983)

A Christmas Story (1983)

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A Christmas Story (1983)
Directed By: Bob Clark (Black Christmas)

The Prologue
By the time you guys read this, it’ll be deep into Christmas day of 2011. But last night marked the 14th straight year that A Christmas Story played for 24 hours straight on a channel on Christmas Eve night. The 1983 classic from Bob Clark (yes THAT Bob Clark that made Black Christmas and Porky’s) it such a great film and such a traditional part of Christmas for me, as it is for a lot of people, I’m not sure what I’d do if I looked on TV on the 24th of December and it wasn’t there. The yearly tradition titled, “24 Hours of A Christmas Story” started on TNT in 1997. That tradition lived on until 2004 when TNT switched to a more drama format. It was at that point when sister network, TBS, took over the tradition and started showing this holiday masterpiece. As a matter of fact, it’s playing on TBS right now as I write this (As I write this on EARLY Christmas morning). But since I watched an uninterrupted DVD version last night, I figured I’d do a review.

The Movie
Ralphie, a young boy growing up in the ’40’s, dreams of owning a Red Rider BB gun. He sets out to convince the world this is the perfect gift. But along the way, he runs into opposition from his parents, his teacher, and even good ‘ol Santa Claus himself. We watch in on this glorious story as an older Ralphie (which we never actually see, only hear) reflects back on this wonderful Christmas and narrates the story. I know it’s my opinion and my next comment might be a little out of line, but if you don’t like this movie you simply aren’t a human being.

It’s of my truest beliefs that if you bottled up pure magic, be it magic in general or holiday magic, and put it on film that the ending result would be, A Christmas Story. This essential Christmas movie was given to the world in 1983, the same year I came into this world and the same year that McDonald’s gave us the chicken nugget. While most films that go down to be legendary might have a few memorable scenes, A Christmas Story gives us one after another. You don’t just a have one or two, I’m not joking at all when I say about 90% of the film is memorable due to one reason or another. Be it the pole scene, the bully scene, the lamp scene, the Santa scene ect, the film is just 94 minutes of nostalgia that will withstand the test of time for the major majority of people who love movies and love Christmas.

One of the major selling points for this film is the realistic nature of it all. If you’ve had a bringing up that lead for you to have a traditional Christmas, there’s something here you can relate to. Maybe you remember going with your Dad to get a tree, maybe you recall trying and trying to catch your parents attention to clue them in to what you wanted that year, or maybe you recall the time you let a very dirty word slip in front of your parents? The movie just feels so real that you can’t help but connect to it. Outside of Ralphie’s narration that pretty much keeps the film on track from a plot standpoint, all the whole still being very reminiscent, the dialogue just seems natural and not written or forced. And the family here seems like OUR family in one way or another.

For 94 minutes we dip into a very special Christmas that one wacky but loveable family had. We listen to Ralphie in a nature that would make you think that maybe he’s telling the story of his favorite Christmas to a loved one, or even his child. It’s done so in a way that make us metaphorically be the loved one or child that he’s telling the story to. And from the moment we join our perfect cast in the opening shots of the street they lived on, to the moment we all see what Christmas dinner is like in a Chinese restaurant and on ward, you can’t help but get flooded with the spirit of Christmas. And there’s just nothing at all negative I’ve ever been able to find about this film. And I double dog dare anyone to come up with something.

The Conclusion
Orphan Annie decoder rings, dogs that ruin a Christmas feast, and a boy’s dream to own a Red Ryder BB Gun. This movie may just have a little bit of everything and I’m not ashamed to admit that I LOVE this movie. I always have loved it and I always will love it. For as long as I’m breathing, I don’t think I can ever picture having a Christmas to which I don’t watch this movie. And I know everyone has their favorites, but for me THIS is it for Christmas. I don’t give many films a perfect 10, but this is about as perfect as they get.

The Rating (10/10)      

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